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There is a problem when activating the watch in always on, it must stop when you put it in the pocket or put the screen down, but it keeps appearing, which leads to battery drain


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    Since it is called "Always-on Panel", it means that it is continuously displayed regardless of the status. The instructions on the setting page mentioned that turning on the function may cause power consumption.

    If you want to turn off the Always-on Panel in your pocket, you can turn on the pocket mode (Settings> Advanced> Pocket Mode), and you can turn off the screen display when you put it in your pocket.

    If you have other suggestions, you can submit them in "Ideas for Next".

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    What zenwatch do you have,I had the zenwatch 3 for a while but got sick of it ( not really a watch person) . I am curious as I noticed that Asus have a new watch on the market,is that the one you have? If so what's the battery life like? Do you like it ? If you have an old zenwatch 2 or 3 good luck finding a new battery for it . The only place I could source one was from the USA, and because it's a battery I paid an arm and a leg for special courier to Australia. Thought I better get rid of it before needing another battery. Running out of arms.*#/@&

    I know terrible joke but I just can't help myself 😸

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