Android 10 issues/request for help; nav bar, gallery, screen burns, notch, lock screen issues

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Not rooted


Please help, I accidently clicked on the system update download two days ago and now I have android 10. And this is horrible, such a cheap crap compared to the 9, I can't believe anybody would allow this update to go out! I need help with some settings to find, Please;


> where is the navigation bar settings, I mean it's 2021, I saw many years older models have settings like color, buttons, behavior for the nav bar, but I can't find any on my phone, but I need the view/hide button back because my phone experience is truly shitty without it; for example I can't read on my phone like this, despite I always did it from phone.

I literally couldn't find any nav bar settings except this one...


Second of all, why my system gallery doesn't show in apps as an option to choose pictures from? It's just not there anymore in any app. It wasn't an issue before the update! (It shows files, or other picture handling apps.)


Why my gallery building is such a piece of crap? It's like 2013 again. Before the update when I opened my gallery it showed all of my folders, and there was a small card icon on the SD card folders. Now there's only 3 folder there (cam, screenshots, downloads), and an option to show the other folders by picking then one by one, but it doesn't show which is already shown or hidden, so

HOW can I see which folder is already shown or hidden from the show/hid, and

HOW can I mass choose folders from the list?

This is overall so bad, uncomfortable and impractical, I have 50+ folders and when I went to choose a few to show or hid it took my phone forever to make the settings, like 10+ minutes, and it drained the battery to dry. And it was only a few, like 3-4.... when I mass-moved folders with a non asus file manager app it happened way much faster.


WHY appeared screen burns on my phone when I never had any before?

Not the same things burned into the same spots or colors, it's weird; for example I downloaded a dark picture and there was discord elements burned on it but when I saved a completely dark picture to see the burns better there was nothing on it; I took a white screenshot just now and there was my phone background burned into it, but when I moved the picture (like flipping right and left a bit) the burn moved with it, same as the discord burns.

5. WHY the new Night Light eye protector option is such a crap? How can I find its settings?!

I was so proud of my phone being so good on the most sensitive eyes with the earlier screen light filter, it somehow got that blue light without simply reducting my screen to brown, I kept it turned on since forever and I could read and anything, use my phone unlimited without hurting my eyes or head at all. NOW after the update I turned it on and omgosh it just made my whole screen ugly brown... I can't believe instead of keeping the good things they push out such a badly made, worst-than-its-ancestor stuff. I barley can look at my phone, it hurts my eyes and head but if I turn that night light on it'll become ugly as hell and all the colors will be off, which would be important to not to happen because of my work.


WHY the dark theme isn't dark? There are many many places where it suddenly burns out my eyes.... This is not dark. Name it "dark patches" then if you're pushing out half-butt made stuff...


WHERE I can find the option to organize the notch (upper notification line)?

They messed it up, switched it completely, for example the battery % with the time, now I keep checking them in their old places, some cases I downright confuses them with the other one. I want it as I seen it for years, not like this.


When I press the cube on the notification bar it not just shows the current running apps like before but it also throws me off to be over a different app. (For example, I using discord, yt and messages, and when I'm in discord and press the cube I suddenly finding myself over another app, the messages or yt, but never over the one I was just in).

WHERE I can change the settings to make the cube not to throw me off to over a different app?


WHY my lock screen doesn't shows half of the times?

It's just not there at all for half of the time! For example, when I using yt it disappears, but as soon as I closing that app it emerges again. It's another bug that NEVER happened before the update.

These are just the biggest bugs I noticed in the last day, not even all... I barley can look at my phone anymore, I loathe it so much since th update; all my settings were ripped off, my theme, the the fast and well working ways, even the font size is off and somehow I just can't find that exact size it was in before... it became such an unusable crappy 2013 vibing stuff I just want to throw it into a trashbin and get another phone with a better system

IS THERE any way to solve the issues above? Even by using an app instead of the system features? Or to downgrade sytems like apps? Because I might really gonna throw out this phone if these issues can't be solved...


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