Battery draining issue

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Battery draining fastly by playing videos ,games and during calls . standby is okay there is no draining.i tried safe mode there is no problem and i reset the phone but still the draining issue is going on .in the last update is done this problem comes and also microphone phone volume is very low


  • In the idle mode there is no draining but battery is 100 Percentage there is drop a in idle mode .in screen on time my battery is draining fastly i think my battery health is okay because in 70 percentage i screen of the phone in night and next morning tha same percentage i have. I reset the phone but no use still i have the issue there is no notifications from battery draining apps.i tried safe mode there is no draining.before the latest update i have

    4 hours screen on time for playing pubg with maximum brightness and 90 Fps now its about 2.5 hours only i get

  • Bro I had similar problems in standby mode too , but they got resolved after a force shutdown . Try to restrict instagram from using data in background might help you and regarding games cn not say much but try avoid playing games when battery as low as 20 percnt. Try extreme and smooth settings too , if you are at 90fps then it will drain faster than normal usage also try playing without Xmode might get some help . Also set the display refresh rate for game from armouray crate, 120 will consume the battery most .

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