No stock MP3 player on Zenfone 8

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Why there is no stock music player installed out-of-box on Zenfone 8?

I've tried few apps from Play Store but can't find aby good. Really missing my stock player from LG G7 :(


  • Try Poweramp or BlackPlayer Ex

    Poweramp free version is 1 week trial tho :(

    And from what I know mods have clarified that Asus wants to stay as stock as possible and that they won't offer their own alternatives of apps which already exists either by Google or music players which are easily available on play store

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    VLC player is very capable, and free video and audio player.

  • That really sucks. My every previous, event oooold phones had built on music player. Sony with their Walkman, LG with also very good player with all advanced audio settings and none im Asus :O

    I've tried AIMP but it's not working well on Zenfone. Notification icon on AOD is active all the time and process doesn't wants to stop normally. There is need to kill process manualny after every use od AIMP.

  • Can it be because AIMP identifies itself as a media player and in Android 11 , media players are allowed to retain the controls in QS panel after they are closed.

    Not sure if AIMP behavior is related to this, but you could try the two different behaviors by going to Settings -> Sound & Vibration -> Media.

    "Hide player when the media session has ended".

  • Installed Sony Music Player from XDA forum. For now the best I could find for ZF 8 :)

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