This forum is broken - ASUS seems to be deleting posts and/or censoring

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  1. System: Zentalk forums
  2. Frequency of occurrence: Usually after editing a comment or a post
  3. Screenshot or video: I should have taken one before it was taken down


Detailed description:

@Blake_ASUS Can you explain where my posts have been going? Every now and then I try to post something and it gets deleted. I haven't been saying anything advertising or spam related, so it seems the only reasonable explanation is that the forum is simply broken unless you want to admit that I'm being censored?


  • I asked a question a couple of days ago about the Asus store. I'm intending to purchase the new UX582 and asked if anyone had any experience with the Asus store. I was thinking there should be an advantage buying directly from Asus. And I wanted to add the 4 year extended warranty including accidental damage. The topic is now gone.

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    @TraderGary I know it's frustrating when we cannot obtain the informations we want, but I think this forum is only to report problems and help the community when they appear with our own Laptops and PC's.

    AFAIK, asking the availability of a certain model is not a subject for this forum. That should be placed directly to Asus commercial department, Asus people that are in this forum are technical experts and can't give you the answers you're looking for.

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    It happens to me sometimes, when I edit the post. Sometimes after editing it, it simply disappears... Don't know if it's your case.

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    Dear all,

    Please go to your account profile to check your discussion or comment history.

    I did not delete any of your post.

    Your posts could be moved to another section because it is not clear enough or need some time to be released.

    It is also possible that the auto detection system misjudged, I am personally sorry for that.

    you can post again or explain the post again, tag me, before making this hurtful accuse.

    You can share more information about the posts that is missing and I can check on it.

    Also, to be honest, I can see that you come to this forum on and off, then you reply and post many threads in a very short time. This is one of the behavior that very likely to cause the system to misjudge you, because it's similar to professional spammer behavior. But we know you are not. Hope you can understand and we will try to improve that.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks @Blake_ASUS for the clarification. I hope you can understand it's very frustrating and there's nowhere we can officially go to check this sort of thing. In addition, I found that you can't report spam comments, which is the traditionally more reliable way of avoiding spam than using an AI that isn't transparent.

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