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Like in the title - there is this one-second stutter when switching between the apps. Is that a noticeable problem? No... Until you're listening to music. Because then, due to the stutter, the music stops for that second and the speakers pop. It's incredibly frustrating when you want to answer a message while playing a game or simply switch between apps. Especially for me, since I use my phone mostly to listen to music. Is there a specific setting that can make the transition not break the whole phone for a second? I tried setting it to high performance but it didn't help at all.



  • Have you tried turning "Auto Refresh" off?, try setting it to 60Hz and see if that makes a difference.

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    Sorry, where is auto refresh? I've changed it to 60hz switching from the performance to durability options, but that didn't help at all.

  • Settings - Display-Refresh Rate

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    Nope, sadly that didn't fix it at all. I'll wipe my phone now and see if that will help, cause I am about to return it anyway.

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    Update: I did a clean install and the issue is smaller now, but it's still persistent when I go into game applications, so it's still a very prevalent issue.

  • The phone has much more bugs, as losing internet conection while listening Tidal or spotify, slowing down so much that the phone has to be reboot once a day, battery drain. If you can i recomend to return it anyway. I would had done it if i could.

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    Oh... Thank you, I guess I'll return it. No idea what else to take though.

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    Hi all, it is not like Zenfone 8 is on end of line support there is still very long way to go & all issues you are facing will be addresed with future firmwares hence system will get more and more stable as time passes by, so its just the matter of patience which will be appreciated alot. Zenfone 8 is really a good device, i undersatand that software may be bit buggy but it is not like there is no any solution for that so please be patient for future firmwares. Every thing will get fixed eventually with time. Again not everyone faces same issues bugs totally depends on various usage patterns so this should be understandable.

    Please dont worry!

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    Sorry, mine doesn't lose connexion while listening to spotify (or doing anything else), doesn't slow down (i never have to reboot except with system upgrades) and i have no battery drain.

  • I use the phone very intense, with many apps simultaneously. Maybe that's why. Therefore I choose flagship models.

  • Phone lose connection when the screen is off. when I wake up the phone, connection get back immediately, so that's software bug for sure.

  • You should check with what battery mode you are seeing this behaviour.

    If your device is kept on powersaving battery mode than this is expected behaviour where your data gets disabled if your phone is kept idle for sometime and comes back when you wake your phone up. I. E. With power key or any other way like double tap or unlocking system.

    If you want data to be always enabled try to use dynamic/ balance battery mode always.

    This is normal.

    Also if you are aggressive user and want to run apps in background than try to tweak toggeling your wanted apps in autostart manager and allow them always this will not miss your app notifications in real time.


  • It doesn't matter if I set battery mode on dynamic on high performance, I even tried to disable all battery Saving features. Still the same. The only way to get over it is to reboot.

  • Please describe the behavior. Are you talking about notifications not coming in when screen is off or how do you notice there's no connections?

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