Asus Max Pro M1 Android 10 bugs

Hey team I'm facing some critical bugs on Android 10, 438 version on Asus Max Pro M1 device.

like- 1. app crashes such as mizo app , YouTube, and camera app .

2. And sound quality is not good during call on whatsapp and normal call other person can not hear my voice clearly , so please optimised it .

3. Display brightness issue also has been a dark side so please slove it carefully.

4. and please evaluate all features and optimise it carefully as per user convenience, please I'm requesting to you.🙏 because multiple crash happen on AOSP ANDROID 10.

Thanku please consider our feedback 🙏 and take action on it.


  • @Singh

    1. According to what you described, If most apps have crashes , have you tried to restore the system?

    2. If the call quality is not good in normal calls, we may suggest you to check the hardware.

    Please check on SMMI test 

    Calculator> type ".12345+=">SMMI TEST>Single Test>Speaker Test/Receiver Test/Headset Test

    3. Could you please explain more about brightness issue? How to duplicate?

    Thank you.

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