Boot loop after android 11 update please help


After the update to android 11 my 6z is having Boot loop issue I don't know how to solve this

It keeps on jumping from powerd by Android screen to asus logo and just keeps on doing it please help

I Factory reset the phone but the problem still.



    I will never update to android 11. alot of bugs not stable at all. Dev team need to learn more.

    I've fixed it by downloading Android 10 Update and copy it to SD card then i went to recovery mode, selected install update from SD card ,The update file you can find it in the official website, Version Android 11 to Android 10

    Update done, clicked reboot it didn't reboot, i clicked power button to turn it on.

    That's it. i hope you find my guideline helpful to you because it's not good to loose such a phone like this.

  • I updated to A11 long ago. Not a single issue so far.


    I told my self the same thing when i read people's problems, until it happened to me too ..

  • AXISAXIS Level 1

    I updated to A11 on Wednesday phone hasn't started since then.

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