Boot loop after android 11 update please help

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After the update to android 11 my 6z is having Boot loop issue I don't know how to solve this

It keeps on jumping from powerd by Android screen to asus logo and just keeps on doing it please help

I Factory reset the phone but the problem still.



    I will never update to android 11. alot of bugs not stable at all. Dev team need to learn more.

    I've fixed it by downloading Android 10 Update and copy it to SD card then i went to recovery mode, selected install update from SD card ,The update file you can find it in the official website, Version Android 11 to Android 10

    Update done, clicked reboot it didn't reboot, i clicked power button to turn it on.

    That's it. i hope you find my guideline helpful to you because it's not good to loose such a phone like this.

  • I updated to A11 long ago. Not a single issue so far.


    I told my self the same thing when i read people's problems, until it happened to me too ..

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    I updated to A11 on Wednesday phone hasn't started since then.

  • Don't know what happened but it should be fine for you to upgrade to A11 again. Whatever issue your phone had which caused a bad update is not gone. Downgrading to A10 rewrites all files while an upgrade to A11 only updates the necessary files. So the "damaged" files which caused this issue, are now replaced.

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    Try long-pressing power + volume down for 10s and do that 10 times if it doesn't start right away. You may need to plug in your power if your phone has run out of battery

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    I believe there's something wrong with the latest Android 11 update (WW-18.0610.2104.145).

    I never had the boot loop issue, but since upgrading to this version, my Zenfone 6 (128GB/6GB/UK) already got stuck in a loop after rebooting 3 times. It starts, shows the ASUS logo and then reboots. Even worse: most times it boots well, but sometimes it loops.

    The fix I found was to keep the phone charging and let it boot loop. Eventually - it can be 5 or 20 minutes - it seems to change to a different partition and boots normally.

    And it seems I'm not alone. You have this post, but there's also 3 posts on the reddit sub made in the past week or so. For example, this one says that the "Update failed, reverting to old system". On this post, a different user reports bootloops after the latest update and mentions that it also starts after ~15 minutes. Another user reports the same problem after a reboot. To make things worse, we can't downgrade to the previous update without a factory reset.

    In my case, I am unlocked and rooted, so maybe I'm not the best example, but these reports are from users that don't do this.

    @Anders_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @Titan_ASUS Please pass this along to the correct team. Thanks in advance!


    Thanks for clarification, i think the software team idk but they seem they have a lot of backlog from the new phones z7 & z8 because the phone department is small compared to big phone companies that's why we suffer from these problems we never had a stable version of Android 11.

    The company should consider the software problems as high priority and make a serious effort to develop the software team

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    Here's a video, in case it's useful:

    Keep in mind that my bootloader is unlocked, so it shows the initial screen that most users don't see.

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