Bad battery drain issue

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Just getting 8-9 hrs battery backup with normal usage.

@ASUS ZENBOOK @Asus5®oG it's been just 9 months now...facing this battery issue


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    First of all , by 8-9 hours do u mean both combibe usage and stanby or only 8-9 hours SOT

    And second , i haven't made a thread coz i am being lazy but most of the users a facing issuee with battery life as i had the same problem and my best guess is something wrong with my carrier as i gave logs to asus but they didn't find a thing and with flight mode enabled, my overnight drain of 8 hours is 0% so it makes sense coz with on wifi and signal on (not on data) , it was around 15% avg overnight drain.

    @Anders_ASUS @Gustav @Gustav@Gustav_ASUS you guys should really start taking logs from everyone as i saw so many people complaining about battery drain and i am damn sure its something with carrier

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    Hi saikiranmandiga,

    Are you currently on Beta software?

    If yes, please report in the appropriate Beta section. If not,

    Make sure you are on the latest software version which is .147 if not, you can check by

    Go to setting => System => About => Software information.

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