Asus Zenfone 8 is great, but there are some problems

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Hi everyone!

I'm in love with Zenfone 8. It's one of the best flagships I've ever owned - super comfortable and ultra fast with great screen, really good cameras and amazingly functional, yet clean OS. But there are some problems that I hope will be addressed in future updates.

  1. You can't turn off Dirac sound improvements on wired and wireless headphones. They're good, but I would like to completely deactivate any sound altering software, listen to clean Bluetooth signal. My Pixel 4a 5G sounds more natural and spacious on various Bluetooth headphones than Zenfone 8.
  2. Blacks aren't ideal when screen is set to Auto, 120 Hz or 60 Hz. Black is perfectly deep only in 90 Hz mode, otherwise you can see that black is a little bit bluish or purplish when screen is dimmed, especially on the bottom and on the sides. You can see it when in dark environment, I've spotted it at night because I'm using black background.
  3. Google Pay stopped working after last update. I know, there is a thread about that, but I'm still waiting for fix - can't add some cards and cards that works are "not set up". Google Pay informs me that phone doesn't meet requirements, but it has Play Protect and passes SafetyNet Test. It's odd.
  4. Call quality is so so. Some people couldn't recognize me or said that my voice is weird in comparison to Google Pixel 4a 5G. Will it change in the future? Can I count on bringing VoLTE or VoWiFi support in the future in Poland? My service provider is Orange.
  5. Notification LED doesn't work with some apps. For example it ignores Hangouts messages, doesn't blink at all. It works perfectly fine with Gmail or other apps, so It's not broken. I know that Hangouts it's not super popular messaging app, but it should work with LED without problems.
  6. Auto Refresh Mode maxes at 90 Hz. I would like to use Auto 120 Hz mode which would dynamically adjust. If you set refresh rate to 120 Hz it's fixed no matter what is displayed at the moment. I feel like screen potential is wasted in Auto refresh mode.

I think that's all at the moment. I don't want to return Zenfone 8, but some of above bugs and problems are critical to me.


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