Zenfone 8 - (double)tap 2 wake

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as the title states, where do i enable this?


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    ah, got it thank you!

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    Sorry for hijacking your thread but now that your query has been solved how do you like the phone so far?

    I think you might be the first person on Zentalk with a Zenfone 8 right now (atleast the first to make a post)

    Would appreciate a quick review :D

    Stuff like camera, performance, thermals etc

  • Always happy to help. & any query in near future is always welcomed.

    I Hope you are having a great time with your compact Zenfone 8.😉


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    Well, I've only had the phone for a few hours so far, so take my first observations with a grain of salt!

    I come from a pixel 4, so the main reaons for me wanting this phone were the form factor, the dual speakers and the stock-ish android.

    The battery so far seems pretty good. especially compared to the pixel, but that phone only had a 2700mah battery. Hardly seems to drop at all in standby, with always on display enabled. have to wait and see though.

    When I first set up the phone I installed quiet a few apps, updated everything, etc, as you do and I did notice the phone got a little warmer than the pixel ever did, but nothing too major.

    Now the first thing I noticed that blew me away is the sound coming out of the phone. especially after i found the dirac sound settings and added a little bit of bass to the preset. I cosume a lot of media on my phone (music/youtube) just when I wake up, during the course of the day, sometimes i fall asleep to spotify und the speakers really deliver.

    Now I've only made one phone call so far but the other party said he had problems understanding me. even hung up 3 times and called back, didn't seem to make a difference. note that i did use the stock android phone app, not the asus one, plus the other party was on bluetooth speakerphone in a car, but i've talked to him maaany of times and never had that problem before. i'll make sure to investigate and report back. I called my own landline straight after and i could hear myself just fine, so no idea what was going on there.

    i also set the display refreshrate to 90hz as i think the auto hz switching thing needs a little update maybe, as it seemed stuttery 60hz'ish while scrolling through certain things. but no biggie for me. my pixel was always set to 90hz as well, i don't think its gonna make a big difference on battery.

    the android experience is very familiar. well done asus. never had an asus phone before but i'm very impressed. no terrible skins like samsung throws over their android for example. however, i think the pixel still has the edge in fluidity. i do get the occasional microstutter here or there just scrolling through facebook or the google feed for example. very minor though and probably not very noticable by most people i guess.

    now the weather was terrible all day, so havent used the cameras at all yet, i'm sorry to report.

    the reception (lte) seems a lot better on this phone than the pixel.

    build quality is top notch. wouldn't have minded it being 20g lighter still :D

    the screen is also very nice. i appreciate the led in the corner next to the selfie cam, telling you its being accessed!

    the phone charges very fast, and really has a lot of options to preserve and be easy on the battery. if you mainly charge it when you go to bed and set it to one of the low current constant charge modes, the battery should last you a long time, i think. - i don't know if i'll miss wireless charging, yet!

    the microphones also seem to do a lot better than the ones on the pixel as "hey google" picks me up much better than the pixel ever did.

    the bumper case that came with it is decent, no need to go out and buy something else for now!

    also, thank you asus for keeping the screen flat! none of that rounded glass going on here (if that is still a thing on samsung phones).

    oh, also there is a notification led on the bottom of the phone. takes you back to the good old days :D it flashes when you receive notifications!!! hehe

    i would have loved for asus to stick a screen protector on it from factory, as theres hardly anything to buy for it yet... just a foil would have sufficed.

    ok, just looking at it, those are the first things that came to mind. if there's anything else i can test for you, let me know, i'll see what i can do.

    so far, no regrets. totally met and exceeded my expectations!

  • Good to hear this. After having a look at your comment, just want to let you know that stutters which you are seeing here and there will be fixed with future FOTA. As that should have something to do with CPU clock speed adjustments. This will definetly will be looked into from Asus side. So nothing much to worry on that side. I just want you to know that system will get more & more stable as you recieve future FOTA'S.

    I Would love to hear more on your Gaming experiences with performance and thermals on Zenfone 8. & yes definetly some more on screen quality with higher refresh rates. Is there any tints, black crush etc.last but not the least most importantly Camera experinces & also if possible some glimpse of ZENUI 8 extra features. (I know this is hard for you as you have Zenfone 8 as your first ASUS device but i am just requesting if you can)


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    If you could check out the calendar app in particular the reminders and let us know if the notification works when you set a reminder. It's one thing that doesn't work on the zenfone 7 after the A11 update so I don't think I am alone in wondering if it works on the zenfone 8, just the reminders,the other calendar notifications work

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    It is well hidden isn't it though, everytime I have to do a hard reset I have a bigger of a time finding it again. I think I preferred when it was under development options

  • I found it using the settings search :) Search is not great, but it found that. And many other stuff

  • I have my ZenFone 8 for three days now and I would like to compare my experience with yours.

    I used the Samsung Galaxy S10e before.

    The main reason why I bought the Zenfone 8 is that the battery on my S10e got very bad lately and I didn't know if the battery would get me through the day. Unfortunately, the battery in the ZenFone 8 can't keep up with my expectations for now. Maybe it's because I still install new apps almost every day and play around in the menu a lot. I hope that the situation will improve when the phone learns which apps are used less often and can be put on standby. For perspective: I lose about 1% battery after 4-5 minutes of video playback, which is not better than on my Galaxy S10e. The battery in the S10e is only 3,100 mAh. The battery in the Zenfone 8 has 4,000 mAh. Therefore, I was hoping for better battery performance, especially since the battery in my S10e has already been used for some time. I really hope that the battery performance will improve, as it was the main reason for my upgrade.

    The call quality has been good according to my buddies. This is probably because my provider supports VoLTE. 

    So far I have mainly taken photos indoors. Unfortunately, the quality is rather disappointing. I like the quality of the pictures from my Galaxy S10e much better, although the phone is a bit older now. I did not expect great camera quality, since I had already read in advance that the camera cannot keep up with other flagships. Nevertheless, the quality still disappointed me.

    Like you, I also noticed the heat development. The phone develops a certain amount of heat very quickly, even during light tasks. For example, I just listened to music via Spotify over my Bluetooth headphones. The phone got warm on the upper edge. Please do not misunderstand, the phone does not get uncomfortably hot, but a slight warmth is almost always noticeable.

    I agree, the speakers are very good. However, not a massive increase for me because the speakers in the S10e are also good.

    The performance is amazing. I never thought that the performance of my S10e is bad but now I know how much faster a phone can be. Everything just happens instantly. The speed improvement when installing or updating apps is particularly noticeable.

    So... yeah... this is my initial feedback.

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    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    For your battery degradation i suggest you use mobile manager and adjust apps in auto start manager dont keep every app running in the background this will definetly bring some more improvement over background ram consumption and battery unwanted drain. Use powermaster options for good battery health and you can juice some extra SOT from it. I dont know if you are familier to ZENUI options which i shared like auto start manager, powermaster you should try those and see overall SOT i am sure you will see certain improvement, Also mostly dont use fancy features such as gestures and Always On display etc. there are more chances of getting better SOT. Ah! I forgot to mention Samsung S10e with 60hz panel & Zenfone 8 with much more refresh rate i. E. 60/90/120hz (this should definetly drain more battery) comaparing constant 60hz panel. Using Zenfone 8 mostly with 90hz atleast or 60hz will make a improvement to your battery backup.

    Also i want to tell you that Snapdragon 888 is a heat generator and battery eating processor comparing to older 800 series processors. so i dont know may be that is real reason you are seeing battery drain and yes obviously you will feel some heat in hand where the processor is located but i am sure Zenfones have better cooling technology and Zenfone 8 will be less hot comparing other snapdragon 888 flagships. Also may be ZENUI may get future featuristic FOTA so i belive that will help you get more with battery optimisations and overall improvement with time.

    Talking about performance comparing Samsung S10e it is obvious that you will see an improvement with Zenfone 8 as it has upgraded flagship processor, So here you can say that you are generation ahead. So you will definetly see improvement in all aspects.

    It would be great to see if you share Overall SOT you get with your usage and camera performance in terms of quality with some intresting ZENUI 8 features.

  • Thanks for the feedback - you may play around in the Battery / system modes - for example in Advanced, where you can set the thermal and performance characteristics to perhaps even better match your usage.

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