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Screen dimmed caanot be seen on my zenfone 10

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My zenfone 10 has experienced fww time that the screen was dimmed by itself and cannot do anything to fix it until I lucky van swipe down and swipe on the brightness bar to brighten it, but it needs to be restarted to fix it totally, otherwise, it will be dimmed again at my next wake up the phone.



Hey @WallaceYeung,
Have you enabled Adaptative brightness?

Hi @Mansi_ASUS I think I may have experienced something similar to OP. A reboot fixed it. The issue in question happened randomly (I think I was in Audible app at the time).

Adaptive brightness enabled, with the slider showing mid-brightness, but the screen dimmed a lot lower. Touching the slider at the same part brought it back to accurate brightness, but then after a while it dimmed again to minimum, but the slider stayed the same. It happened 3 times or so, so I rebooted and it's fine again.

This, along with other bugs I have mentioned are mostly resolved from a reboot but only temporarily, including a new one where the swipe on the Smart Key for notifications only works sporadically, not all the time (and it's ironic because usually it's over sensitive!). This means I have to reboot at least every 1-2 days.