Rog Phone 5 Slow charging doesn't work

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Hello, is anybody facing the problem with Slow charging? Today it suddenly stop working, I still see two lightning symbols next to battery icon and phone is charging very fast. I want to use Slow charging for longer battery life but I don't know why it stopped working. Until today it was charging slowly. The Slow charging option is still ON. (Ultra slow). Please help!

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    I've suggested to our devs that we should exchange the hypercharge logo with a steady charge logo whenever it's active since a lot of users still believe it's hyper charging when the logo looks the same.

    For those of you who still believe you're not steady charging when it's enabled, please compare with the feature on and off while looking at an app like accubattery, ampere or 3c battery manager. Your phone must be below 20% because if you compare at above 50% then it's possible that the charger is already charging at 18W even before you activate steady charging. If you want to compare above 50% then you must compare disabled VS Ultra Steady charging to notice the difference.

    You can also not compare your numbers with a ROG Phone 3 since most apps are not aware that there are two batteries in ROG Phone 5



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