How much battery life can I expect

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I just wanted to know how much on screen time is everyone getting and how many years can I expect my rog 3 to work smoothly with good battery life. I am a heavy user with almost around 7-8 Hours of phone usage daily and I don't let it discharge under 15% and use all AI features for battery. Experience of rog phone 1 and rog phone 2 users will be much appreciated. I plan on keeping the phone for atleast 4 years.


  • Without gaming,expect 24 hours when all settings are favouring the battery

    If you casually game without xmode,expect around 20

    If you use xmode tho,10 or less hours

    If you're a hard-core gamer that plays esports competitively or enjoy the best graphics on games,you'll have to use xmode on level 3 with the fan on max speed,so expect around 2,5-4 hours from 100-0

    If you watch movies on 1080p60fps,expect 22-20 hours

    If you have hot ambient temps of over 40c,your battery will drain quickly no matter what you do

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