ROG 3 : Armoury Crate HARDCORE TUNING - Advanced Option ( = extensive manual control)

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Hi all. Has anyone tried to customise the Armoury Crate HARDCORE TUNING options to tweak the default settings? The default ArmCr settings don't do a justice to how powerful this mighty device is and after I managed to find out what all the options do and how changing them affect the in game system performance and stability, I managed to bring out a solid STABLE 90 FPS in PUBGm Global latest version! I have advantage here as I know low level programming, I'm a software engineer by profession and hence, figuring stuffs out was little of an issue to me. Does anyone else have any knowledge to share on customising these? Plz enlighten us. I have seen many youtubers just running ROG3 on its DEFAULT underclocked settings and calling it a GARBAGE GAMING phone! Pity for them!


  • I fail to see how a software engineer has any advantage over a normal user when it comes to figuring out how to use armory crate. The statement makes you honestly seem like someone who would lie for whatever reason. Also I have no idea how low level programming is going to help you figuring out how armory crate works, It's quite clear you have not a single clue what you're talking about.

    LOAD r1, b

    LOAD r2, h

    MUL r1, r2

    DIV r1, #r2





    Somehow knowing this will give you an advantage figuring out how armory crate works? Bruv, you're absolutely clueless.

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    i think there is no rocket science behind that hardcore tuning . You just have to click advanced and swipe everything to red....

    If u r getting rock solid 60 fps in genshin impact then please come here again and share your settings ...otherwise this post is useless coz everybody knows how to do it


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    I think the code you have written is related to Advanced computer architecture or complier design.(.just guessing... don't remember now)

    Which I have learnt in my college days long time ago...

    Now i m a frontend developer ..

    But as we all know ... Your knowledge and skills are way better in that department...

    All we know is just swipe everything to red 😂 especially first 7..

    Which u told us to do ..

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    Nah not everything to red, some needs to be in blue. I'm trying to figure out how I can share my custom tune config. I'll post the config here once I figure out how to do it! I'm too reluctant to upload that .BIN file to GDrive and share a link!

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    Don't believe everything what people in internet told you what to do with advance tuning. Not everything in advance tuning can be slide to max. For example, scheduler migration. Read official documentation, and take users benchmark with grain of salt. Benchmark =/= RL performance. And I'm not software engineer.

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