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I have Asus rog 3 phone and it is still in the warranty period.

I am facing some issues while charging my phone. When I plug the charger into my phone it does not charge.

First, I thought it is the charger or charging port related issue but my charger and charging port are working fine (both ports bottom and side) because when I plug in the different charger in my phone it shows charging and the same when I use Asus charger with the different phone it also shows charging.

In addition, neither my phone is overheated nor the charger.

Please let me know if this is some software related issue or I need to visit the service center.




  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    How do you know the two charging ports are fine when they dont charge?

    Try these two things:

    Shutdown and charge and see if you get the charging screen while the phone is off.

    Try in safe mode. To get to safe mode, while on your home screen, hold the power button. Again, hold the shutdown button.

    If both of these do not charge your phone:

    Try a new/another cable.

    If that fails, factory reset and see if it helps. (if this is an option for you)

    If not working from the above, take your phone to service centre.

  • vjsirvjsir Level 1

    Ports are working fine because when i tried to charge with different cable it shows me charging same when i use my asus cable with my another phone it also shows charging.

    So, i think neither the port has problem nor the charger. This is something else.

    And i have also tried those two options but it didn't work.

    Factory reset is the option left for me.

    Anyway thanks for your suggestions.

  • @vjsir Have you been able to resolve your issue? If not, I'm sending you a potential fix via PM.

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