This Phone has still big struggle with the USB-C Connector to Headphone Jack

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- Crackling Sound while driving in a train,

- a tiny contact with USB-C Connector = Soundstop

- random Volume Change, but only in areas like train

- Sometimes I can Plug in the USB-C Connector five Times in any direction and it won't be recognized. (That's really a huge Issue!!!)

it's really a mess listening to music while driving to work with Headphones.

I changed the Original USB-C Connector two Times with Asus Support, but I can swear it's not the Connector.

It's also not my USB-C Port because Charging will be recognized immediatly every time.

Maybe it also has to do with YouTube Music but this can't also be, because the Plug In Issue also exists without starting YT Music.

I swear to God it's still a Software Issue and I think especially in areas where high network fluctuations are.

I don't have Bluetooth Headphones to check if this issues just excist with the Connector.

But can finally someone response from Asus?

Everything fine as long nothing is moving and the Phone is laying still, but if I'm outside or the phone is in a Pocket, it's really a mess.

*Oh and one thing I forgot to mention...Elevators can also give you a Heart Attack while listening through USB-C to Headphone Jack Connector.

A sudden loud rustling wakes your heart immediately. There are really strange things in specific areas.

Everything I mentioned won't happen if I use only the Headphone Jack on the Fan, but this isn't the Solution!!!


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    Push Up!

    Asus don't stop to silence this issue away!!! You already did it with many spoken concerns about exactly this issue. You never react if a Problem is really there. I'm not alone with this and don't handle it so unprofessionell, nobody is blaming you if you say: you can't fix this, but just please start to do something about it.

    @Gustav_ASUS or any other Asus Person here..please help, it's really a shame.

  • And still no anwer since now...again a push up, I don't leave this problem be unsolved or unspoken. Totally unprofessional from Asus site, this issue will be pushed as long as you don't answer with proper solutions or patches.

  • Sorry about the late reply. I've never experienced this issue myself but I can send you a PM with log instructions so we can find out why this is happening to you

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