Pure stock Android 11.

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Hello, can anyone tell me how to install pure stock android in rog phone 3 with full steps?


  • It's all on XDA.

    It all boils down to:

    • Unlock bootloader
    • Install TWRP
    • Flash the A11 rom


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    If it's AOSP kind of ROM you are looking for, we have LOS 18.x available on XDA.

    But as Danish wrote the steps, you still gotta have a good read on all the steps and how and why you do that in case something goes wrong. And always take a backup coz unlocking bootloader will wipe the memory.

  • Hi,

    Unlocking bootloader and rooting will void warranty.

    Check out XDA if you still want to go ahead.

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    One question, I know that by locking it again I won't get the warranty back, but if I unlock the bootloader, how many times can I lock and unlock again? Is there a limit?

  • For some users , there is no limit and for some are having trouble to unlock for the first time but if you get into trouble , a mod can always help you

  • MVMV Level 3

    If you search thoroughly on XDA and this forum (whole zentalk) you can find multiple instances of unlock tool throwing error. And the only solution is to keep retrying.

  • You will miss all the extra features like armory crate, Air triggers, theme store etc if you are flashing pure android 11 rom and FYI no proper stable android 11 Custom rom is not available yet. My suggestion is wait fir some days and you will receive official android 11 as it is in beta stage as of now. More over zenui is like stock android with some extra features

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