Game tuning level 3 or hardcore tuning which is better?

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========================================hi guys normally iam used with game tuning level 3 with aero active cooler but i felt frame drops only during enemy squad arriving nearby just for a few seconds .. but when i tried with hardcore tuning settings with aero cooler i felt frame drops even at close encounter fights.. which i never felt with game tuning level 3.. is there any specific profiles for no framedrops in hardcore tuning ?


  • Gamibg lvl 3 is already at maximum performance but if you know how to use hardcore tuning than you can get better battery life without losing any performance but if you dont know to use it , i will suggest you to lvl 3

  • And i think its not performance lag , its more of a high ping issue becoz i only encountered this issue when my ping is too high

  • With a stable 20ms,frame drops are a thing of the past,also,with hard-core tuning you can increase more stuff to improve performance but it might cost a bit of battery life

  • With hardcore advance you can even get more battery life along side of more performance but only if you know what you are doing , i also dont know what most of the values mean that why most of the time i stick with hardcore customized settings

  • Can anyone recommend any profiles for hardcore tuning for pubg mobile?

  • Hardcore tuning is present in rogconnet which is outdated. You can use it if you need . Currently I'm using it and it's also having frame drops

  • It's due to the boosting behaviour being weird. For some unknown reason the GPU and CPU don't want to fully boost, they are very conservative. If you check perfdog you'll see how your GPU is sitting around 300-400mhz.

  • How do we fix that? I mean,is it better to use pubg mobile on xmode outside of armoury crate? Or maybe it's better to use rae level 3 instead of hardcore tuning?

  • Fixed via kernel with custom boosting behaviour.

    Here a short example of boosting when i turn a game on. Maxed out performance.

  • How custom can it get? I mean how much boost can you give it? 900 mHz GPU? 3,2Ghz CPU maybe?

    Also is there a way to make games use more resources? since they take around 30% CPU use and 85% GPU, can we make them use 70% CPU? via rooting a kernel for example or Only pubg mobiles devs can do something about it

  • If you overclock your cpu and gpu , you will just fry your cpu and gpu or ic or maybe everything components in seconds if not instantly

    There no need of overclock at current speeds are already more than any app needs but danish did slightly overclocked gpu but he managed to undervolte cpu and gpu by 10% thus heat will be reduced and inspite of increasing gpu speed , heat will be slightly reduced and no danger of frying any component

    See this comparison and you will get the idea how stock kernel works and how danish custom kernel works and stock is supposed to work like custom


    Gpu is running almost 200mhz lower than it was supposed to

    And cpu is also not stable and throttling for no reason , not from heat coz i havd recorded this while sitting in chilled AC

    And also same with genshin impact see below,

    This is at lvl 3 but with slight tweak that why its better and pure stock is much worse than above 2 games

    With boosting behaviour for which you need danish kernel-

    This is a gameplay of Genshin Impact for straight 30min and you can see by yourself , not a single dip in cpu and gpu dips are becoz i was teleporting

    While recording , i wasn't sitting in a AC room so this time device is handling heat by itself

    I did intense fights and exploration in big open area but its stable at max and also gpu is running at 682 which is higher than stock value

    Armoury crates is the criminal for not getting sustainable performance and tweaks has been made to achieve this

    There is no need of overclock stock , asus just need to optimize the armoury crate , if we can use game Genie without armoury crate than most of us who are using this custom kernel will just straight away remove armoury crate but we cant , atleast for now

  • As already mentioned the issue here isnt some overclock. While I could OC the GPU to 1000mhz it wont sustain for very long, and CPU is locked anyways. What's the issue here is how the boosting behaviour of the rog3 behaves, same goes for other phones. They are way to conservative which causes some insabilities in frametimes because they simply arent boosting high enough.

    Even if you have 120fps, if the frametimes arent good it wont seem as fluid as lets say 60fps with great frametimes. This is why stable boosting clockspeeds are absolutely crucial for a fluid gaming experience.

  • Sooo basically unless I install your kernel,my hard-core tuning is the best I can achieve for stock?

    And let's say I decide to unlock the boot loader and install your kernel,what side effects will I encounter? Data loss,broadband loss etc.

    I would also want to know how to safely install a kernel so if you could mention any sites that would be nice

    And about frame times,does the rog 3 fair better than an iPhone 12 pro max for example? Or do I need to have your kernel to achieve even better frame times?

    I know,too many questions,but if you have some time please answer them,it would benefit the readers too

  • As I dont share my kernel on this platform due to the rules there is no point talking about my kernel.

    That being said I can answer the questions regardless:

    1.) Unless you install a custom kernel with modded boosting behaviour then hardcore tuning is the best you can achieve, correct.

    2.) You will only lose data due to the unlock tool. Kernels usually don't have any side effects as long you install a kernel that isnt some kind of beta, bloated or outdated kernel.

    3.) Most phones fair better than the Iphone 12 pro max, the Iphones have severe throttling and very bad frametimes accross all devices, especially in games like genshin impact. To achieve better frametimes you need a kernel that focuses on stable boost frequencies in order to stay as consistant as possible. Currently the Rog3 has the stock boosting behaviour on GPU and CPU, which means they will not focus on performance but rather on efficiency. While the armory crate / xmode to try and set the minimum frequency of the CPU to the max frequency and it does overall work if setup correctly, however that doesnt seem to apply to the GPU, which seems to only set the minimum to 411mhz and due to the rather very conservative boosting behaviour you'll see rather low clockspeeds on many games due do this.

  • Thanks for the info,umm,are there any other kernels out there that do boosting and such even better than yours or kirisakuras? Or else I'm gonna have to rely on yours

    And some other small questions,how do you flash a kernel ? (and if you can't answer at least tell me a site which I can do research for it) Do you still get Fota updates or the upgrade to A11? And lastly,does your specific kernel delete your data when flashed,or I can just flash any kernel as long as it fits with my device model or kernel version?

    Again feel free to explain What you can and When you can

  • Sadly kirisakura kernel is not exacly great, it causes some weird issues and does even worse in boosting behaviour when the load is very low. Not only that but I also noticed some weird glitches and such. As for changing boosting behaviour neither cleanslate nor kirisakura does it so no dice there. If you're going for a kernel other than stock then cleanslate is probably the way to go.

    On XDA you'll find everything you need to know about how to flash a kernel. It will void warranty so just saying. As for fota, no you don't get fota direcly but you can install them manually which is quite easy to do. As I already told you before, only unlocking the bootloader with the unlock tool will delete your data, flashing the kernel itself won't delete anything. I suggest waiting for A11 release before tho, maybe ASUS will come with some surprises.

  • Alright then,I'll wait till A11 and then perhaps I'll find a way to flash your kernel since I'll get the exclusive benefit of no colour banding

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