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I have noticed that since updating to A11 my ram usesge seems higher. I have 8 gig of ram and on A 10 it used to sit around 3/3.4 and if I used an app called,,fill full ram it would drop to 2.2/2.4 . Now it sits close to 5 and if I use the app I mentioned above it would drop to 2.2/2.4 Has anyone else noticed this or am I missing something.


  • its uses 7GB at 12GB version rog 3 will see how much in 16GB of rog 5

  • Ok so that's a bit over half so going by that mine is about the same. Just curious it used to only use between 2.4&3.4 on A10

  • damn Android eating more and more RAM with new versions. Seriously, I had a phone with 2Gb ram and 1.5-1.7 GBs were used, 3 gb - 2.2-2.5 etc, now I have 5.3 GBs used from 8GB. Set of applications is almost the same.

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    No its not possible android will always use around 50% or more and nevertheless which version u r using as you see in my screenshot , i cleared the apps and also applied memory clear and took screenshot instantly that's why its less than 50% but leave it for a min or two and it will go above 50% by itself , so in 8gb ram , bear minimum 4- 4.5 gb ram will always be utilised

    My Device- rog 3 12gb variant A10

  • I deleted an offline map I had and this is what I have now . It was a bit less after a cleared all caches but you know it always goes up a little as soon as you do anything.

    It's still more than on A10 I used to be able to get it down to 2.4 so yes it is possible

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    RAM is meant to be used...

    Having more RAM means that more stuff can be hold in RAM so the phone is faster overall.

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    You're not actually supposed to clear your ram all the time. Free ram is wasted ram. If you clear your RAM, everything need to be loaded again and that just wastes battery life

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    Yes it will go down but only for few minutes and android will start loading up services again becoz thats what ram meant for

    The only reason ram goes to 2.4 gb is becoz you forced to clear all the services from background , even i can puch my ram to usage to as low as 4 gb in my 12gb varient but it will kick back up to 6gb in a minute or two becoz services are meant to run in background , if you block services fron running in background then you will start complaining out stability and user experience is not great and the complaining cycle goes on round and round

    So instead of giving ram usage to much importance , start enjoying your device becoz its working in the way its should be and nothing is wrong with usage

  • Yes I understand all that I'm just saying it sits on about 1 g of ram more on A11 than it did on A10 or at least my phone does , that's either if I check after a scan and clear or before one

  • But the point is do you see any issues with app reloads and multi tasking in android 11?

    If not then don't worry as @Tagion pointed out that free ram is basically wasted ram

    I understand that you're comparing to A10 but if you don't have any issue with usage then it shouldn't be a problem

    Asus even has stuff like optiflex in ui which keeps apps in memory to avoid frequent reloads

    Some sort of ram is reserved as zram by phone for that purpose

    Asus might've tweaked their memory management stuff in A11 just a possibility

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    No I don't don't have any issues infact A11 is one of the smoothest updates I have experienced I think the Tech guru's have outdone themselves. This post wasn't meant as a,, winge,or a question, just an observation and curious what other brothers and sisters on zen 7 A11 Think so a discussion I suppose but I understand what you are are saying and thanks for your input,I always appreciate your input as your one of the only people that managed to help this,old dog learn new tricks and when you pass 60 something it's hard to find people to take the time to walk us through shit that just comes naturally to you young folk . Your answer though explains it Asus may have indeed tweeked the memory management side of things. All good brother kindest regards Roy

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    Ram management is different in A11 VS A10. But it's not worse, just different. And how much free RAM you have is not important, so no need to worry :)

  • I wasn't worried I just noticed the difference I suppose and wanted to know if it was just my phone or not.

    But yes I have noticed the difference and it's still as fast as it ever was so All good here 😉

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