ANDROID 11 UPDATE And Restart Issues

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Well Asus Really God in Software Updates Even my brother's 170usd phone has android 11 (realme 7)

and here we are Android 10 full of bugs

One of my friend Sold his ROG 2 in 100usd

that's so funny

he just sold because whenever he plug into charging its restart

whenever he start Pubg its restart

Sometimes While Scrolling Instagram or Whatsapp Its Restart

Sometimes Whatsapp works so laggy

This Restart problem has been started 7-8 months ago

still no solutions

they call it gaming phone even whatsapp hangs

They provide good specs

but didn't Work on software

in the end

It Worst

its just wasted my money

my friend suggested to go for OnePlus 7T at that time

but I didn't listen to him just because of 120hz display and more mAH battery

but OnePlus 7T works good at this moment they got android 11

and they never had Restart issues

Main problem is Restart even if u can't able to give Android 11 that's fine

but please fix Restart issue

take it seriously

That's gonna be my last Asus Phone

and Whoever connected to me

there's No support after sales


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