Is this heat temperature is safe to use?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 5
  2. Firmware Version: WW_18.0830.2101.86
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Happened once gaming for aeound 30mins+
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Genshin Impact

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


- Attached with Rog AeroActive Cooler 5

- Kunai 3 Controller (So I won't touch the device and feel the heat)

- Not Charging

- X Mode + Level 3 Gaming Performance Mode

After played Genshin Impact in High Graphic mode (lower some graphic setting), the temperature of Game Genie indicator is at 50-55 degree celsius consistently.

When I touch the device it is very uncomfortable to hold with the heat, when I hold the phone close to my face like I picking up a call, even my face didn't actually touch the screen, I can actually feel the 'Heat Aura' touching my face skin.

This I kidda make me worry and concern about it, if I continuously to play Genshin in a long hours session, the rog phone 5 keep heat up as it is,

will this be very dangerous? maybe phone might 'explode', or phone will having hardware damage easily (motherboard, screen, etc)?

Or actually this is very normal and it is safe to keep maximize the performance for 1 or 2 hours session continuously?

This is my 1st gaming phone, previous phone is Google Pixel 2XL and never heat up this way as I only use the Device in a very light performance manner and never gaming. Please let me know if the current Rog Phone 5 heat situation if it is normal or not. Thanks!



  • 1.) The temperature is only the system temperature. Your CPU and GPU aka SoC is hitting 100c and started throttling. I already made a topic about it which can be seen here:

    2.) The phone is getting hot because the phone tries to get the heat out of the phone via 2 vapor chambers. Basicially it's designed in a way that the phone becomes the heatsink, which is quite normal. It only means the passive cooling works.

    3.) While the system temperature isnt as worrysome, your other topic is an indication of upcoming issues. It won't explode but considering the drama at the rog2 subforum you'll sooner or later have black screen issues or similair and the phone will eventually die, after that you can fight ASUS for warranty repair and if you lose u'll have to pay roughly 250USD if i remember correcly for a new logicboard and some other small fees on top.

    4.) The heat situation is quite normal. Unlike the other gaming phones the cooling solution in the rog5 simply isnt sufficient. The red magic 6, black shark 4 and lenovo legion dual 2 simply have way superior cooling than the rog5 has. Asus rushed the rog5 and hence the really poor design of the phone as a whole.

  • Facts like these make me treasure my rog 3 more...

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    fact 1, 2, 4 seem applied to rog 3 isnt it? fact 3 kidda nt consider as fact as i need more time to tell if its real or not.

    personally i still think rog phone 5 with the same price as rog phone 3,

    the consistency of performance + quality, is better than rog phone 3

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    1. kidda nt my concern at the moment, as i still having a great experience with genshin impact so far after 12hrs of gameplay with rog 5

    2. glad the phone working as it is intended

    3. glad it wont be hazardous, i guess time will tell if the phone is durable enough or not.

    4. i kidda agreed, i still not content that the Aero Active Cooler 5 doesn't really seem have any significant cooling impact.

  • It's fine, we will see him again crying how asus refuses to repair his device for free like all the rog2 topics. We already seen this type of behaviour before, some people need to grab deep into their pockets until they understand. I kinda understand that he doesnt want his shiny new device to be a bad purchase but he will eventually learn the hard way. Speaking of which, it seems we have hit the climax of the rog2 failure, the subforum is currently being flodded with dead pm8150 chips. Go take a look over there.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble but:


    max temp on SoC was 82c, clockspeeds are rock stable aka no throttling whatsoever. This is without any cooler attached to the phone btw. Stock Rog3 phones with the cooler attached do not throttle either.

    2.) Unlike the Rog5 the Rog3 has an actual heatsink on the back which dissapates heat. the aircooler will blow air into the phone and cool down the heatsink, it actually cools down internals. This is why rog3 phones have that little hole on the side. The rog5 has no such thing.

    3.) :'D

    4.) As already debunked above, the rog3 handles the heat just fine.

    About quality:

    Rog5: Thermal issues, breaks easily and you've already shown us a soon to be problem as well. Dno about you but when I think of quality I think of something else.

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    @Danishblunt chill, i am appreciate your info, but some of your assumption seem trying to teasing/harassing me.

    I am sorry, i am not trying debate or anything just purely sharing my experience and thoughts, if it offended you, i am apologize for it.

    Appreciate your info provided so far, it is very helpful to allow me to have an awareness of the potential issue of this Rog Phone 5.

    In near future, if anything did happen i would share more necessary info that would help others.

    Thank you.

  • Man I can see this post going sideways

  • you should download perfdog, a cross platform app that track fps, cpu usage , temperature and throttle chart . 50-55 degree is the system temperature , 50-55 is normal for these kind of phone since they have giant heatsink, vapor chamber that transfer the heat to the surface . What's important is the cpu,gpu temperature inside, for genshin impact the acceptable heat at max graphic should be average and below 85 celcius . as i saw on your second post overheat notification , the cpu,gpu of this phone probaly surpassed 100 degree , just check the perfdog app to make sure . As u can see on the picture , its my genshin impact max setting gpu temperature without cooler on rog phone 3 , average is around 82 degree, there's 3 times the phone reached 94 degree and cause some minor throttle in 1 minute gameplay .

    My honest advise to play genshin impact smoothly and prolong your phone lifespan is switch to lower setting when you play outside and buy blackshark funcooler pro ( there's a new version 2 released last month ). That fan can make the surface ice cold . Rog phone fan is just a gimmick , its a normal fan that cost 99$ ( greedy company ), all it does is blowing some air that doesnt even get inside rog phone 5 , it does little to nothing to cool your cpu temperature and in some hot country like mine (south east asia ) , it does more harm than good since it keep blowing the hot air to the phone lmao .

    Good luck to you bro

  • I'm clsing this thread as the OP already has an answer for his question. As @Danishblunt commented, it shouldn't be harmful to your components.

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