Armory crate optimizations

I disabled armory crate on most of my applications due to its nature of draining unneccecary CPU performance. @Gustav_ASUS could you maybe ask the devs to optimize it so it doesnt drain as much performance. They can use anutut or geekbench with armory crate on and off to see the difference, the performance impact is quite substational.


  • How did you do this?

  • Please let me know exactly how you compared the battery life with Armoury Crate/Game genie VS without?

    Did you run a battery benchmark with wifi and mobile data turned off with the exact same system settings when you ran both tests?

  • I didnt compare battery life, i compared the CPU usage. I used perfdog to log both with and without armory crate and found that with armory crate on the CPU is working harder. I did not run any battery benchmarks or applications, Why would I do anything as inaccurate and pointless as that? Battery life depends on way to many factors such as screen brightness, speaker volume, frequency and much more, it's simply not very smart to take that as a refrence to measure any type of performance load.

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    Ofc it's working harder. You have one more process running. But this will hardly affect battery life as other components are using a lot of power. This is why I was talking about battery. My point is that CPU doesn't matter. Battery life matters since this is what our users care about.

    But just to double check, I picked a simple game (oddmar) where I knew performance would be the same if I didn't move the character/view. Flight mode was on and all settings were exactly the same.

    Without game genie the avg. total CPU usage was 22.1%

    With game genie total CPU usage was 23.7%

    With game genie & real time info CPU usage was 25.5%

    I also ran a 20min 3D mark wild life extreme stress test with and without game genie while measuring mAh usage. Funny enough running game genie used less battery but this is just an example of how hard it is to measure and compare.

    But the bottom line is that there's no reason for any concern.

    There's no point discussing this any further which is why I will close this thread. If you feel that I've totally missed the point, then you're welcome to start a new thread with actual facts to backup your statements.

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