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All audio Aptx options grey out, HD audio grey out, no radio with bluetooth over the ear, no option for WH-1000xM3 with audio wizard, no balance cursor for audio.

How come?


  • Zenfone 6, non rooted, 18.0610.2103.137

    Is it possible for you to make a patch so the option in developer menu are no longer greyed out.

    Do you need more information?

  • Is it the WH-1000xM3 headphones you have or the WF-1000xM3 in-ear? Because the later doesn't support AptX.

    Radio requires a connected wired headset as it is used as the antenna. There's no tuning for WH-1000xM3. Balance has been requested earlier and won't be added as not enough users have requested this

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