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So gotta admit my custom kernel doing quite some impressive work on Genshin impact. Not only is the performance great but no throttling whatsoever. The clockspeeds are ridiclolously stable and performance is great.

As can be seen on these stats, the CPU and GPU are rock solid, no throttle whatsoever over a period of 18minutes gameplay! The small drops you're seeing in FPS are happening because of opening map/inventory as most people probably know everytime you open these menus it gets a tiny microlag.

When I compared to the throttlephone 5 I had to wonder what ASUS was thinking:



  • Can I say, Asus just hire this dude!

    Also any possible custom kernel to fix rog 5 throttling?

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    impressive ..

    What about temperature ?

    And graphic settings??

  • Highest, 60fps and temp on SoC was maxed out on 82c, while averaging about 70 and system temp average at 45c.

    Display was max brightness and max sound on speaker which only drained on average 5.5w on entire system.

    The cherry picked snapdragon really is awesome.

  • To my knowlegde there is no fix that can be done on the rog5. This isnt asus's fault, but qualcomms fault for locking everything down.

  • It's really awesome..wish I can try it myself..

  • Just knowing that our 865+ rog 3 have this much potential is already an instant win,over the iphone,over rog 5,over redmagic etc

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    Now what is left is supercooling the silicon with liquid nitrogen and take it to 4ghz.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If we talk all core 4ghz, it wouldnt even require more than a very small air cooling solution. I just think the SD 865+ is a beast in terms of performance to watt ratio. The chip will run extremely efficient when optimized, while the SD 888 just runs balls hot.

  • Whats hilarious here is how the rog5 started throttling after 2mins genshin impact *lol*

  • Did you use perf dog? If anything I also want to try my own rog 3 performance in genshin impact and have it in a neat statistic like yours

  • Yes I used perfdog. Post your results here, I'd be interested in some stats and power consumption on battery as well

  • Alrighty then,once I have some spare time and learn how to use perf dog,I will do my own tweaks and post the best results I can achieve while in a non rooted state

    It will take around a month or two since my time is wack rn so I'll either post my results as a post or post it here as a comment

  • This is impressive! Why not put your custom kernel up on XDA? Or is yours one of the ones available on there?

  • The reason i bought this phone 2 months ago is to play genshin impact. It would be heaven to me if u can show me your custom kernel link for installment, heres my genshin impact average perfomance, throttle very badly at level 3 . Thank you a lot

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    Because it's a +Plus Version with many bugfixes from Qualcomms Site. If we would have a normal 865 we wouldn't have the better performance, i think. It's like buying a GPU ( Nvidia GPU f.e. GTX 1080 ) and the GTX 1080Ti is the superior model with fixed issues from the regular GTX 1080. The same is with the SD888 Chip. Nice new Chip, but with a lot of issue, that would be maybe fixed on a SD888+ . It's really sad that Asus rushed their Rog 5 Models, they really should wait a little longer with a Release for example of a SD888+ and then releasing a ROG 5 with that Chip, but Asus wanted quick money, don't know.

    So, I'm really sad if someone's buying a ROG 5 now, because it's like buying a regular phone, not a superior ROG Phone which in this case the ROG 3 still is so far, except the cheapest model with a regular SD 865 Chip. I'm rocking my ROG 3 with 16GB also very heavily and nicely and I love this phone a lot, but not because I have it, because it has all the Qualcomm Fixes, that the normal Chips don't have.

    ROG 5 just looks nice, but under the hood, it's a normal phone, not a Gaming Phone why many consider to buy this devices. It's also a shame that the ROG 3 Ultra Model doesn't have any better Chip than the other Models.

    Asus really should have waited here and for everyone with a ROG 3 and a 865+ Chip: you did a great buy with a good reason why you bought this phone instead of any regular phone like from Samsung, OnePlus etc. !!

  • This is wrong on so many levels....

    There is no such thing as bugfixes for the SD 865+ vs the SD 865, both use the same drivers and both are essentially the same chip. Also the GTX 1080 doesn't have issues compared to the GTX 1080 TI, both graphicscards are also different cards to begin with. The SD 888 doesn't have issues, the rog5 that cannot handle the heat is the problem, when looking at nubia 6 it can handle the SD 888 under load and will run stable with good performance. Even a SD 888+ wouldn't run any better on the rog5, the rog5's problem isn't the chip, it's the really bad thermal design that causes the phone to throttle really hard.

    Calling the rog phone superior is a massive stretch. The only reason I am enjoying my Rog3 as much as I do is because I fixed the main issues with it via my kernel + software that I created, for a regular user the rog3 is quite bad. And again, there is no such thing as "qualcom fixes", I don't know where on earth you got those weird ideas from but refrain from spreading such nonsense because it makes you sound extremely silly.

    The rog3 wouldnt be able to handle the SD 888 much better to be fair. While the Rog5 looks nice it's a terribly designed throttlephone that breaks way to easy. It was rushed and borderline terrible. It's still considered a "gaming phone" due to it's nature of having good speakers, air triggers, RGB and so on, that being said due to severe throttling the phone isn't exacly a good gaming phone.

    And as previously mentioned, the Rog3 isn't exacly a good buy until the devs finally fix the color banding for most users. That being said the reason the SD 865+ is an amazing chip is simply because of it being a cherry picked chip. This means that the SD 865+ is essentially a really nice 865, which can run on lower voltages on the same clockspeeds, this causes the phone to run cooler than normal 865 chips. As you can see on the pictures above, the clockspeed of the phone doesn't drop at all no matter how long I play the game, this also has been achieved thanks to my custom kernel.

  • my friend, can you share this seed with us please

  • You are the best bro...Keep working hard...Looking forward to install your kernel for Android 11 under beta.

    Thanks for making ROG 3 Beast more beautiful!!!

  • Wow nice work with kernel hope asus implement it

    All phone trotle fast with 888 only red magic not maibe new legion

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