Android 11 Unresponsive scrolling after switching apps

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There's an delay when switching apps until you can actually start interacting with the app as shown in the video. You always need to start scrolling a second time as the first interaction doesn't get recognized immediately after switching apps (It doesn't matter if you use gestures or the old navigation buttons)


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    Yep confirmed here too.

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    Yes, it's the same problem, too, there is a delay in closing applications

    There are many errors in the 11 update, for example, the response delay of the finger button and the screen brightness must be raised to the level of 67٪

  • got this two times when phone was sleeping, didn't repeat anymore

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    bump, as the issue is still there on

  • We can reproduce this issue on Pixel 5 and Samsung S20. It's an AOSP issue.

    We've submitted this issue to Google.

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