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I downloaded and installed the Android 11 file manually @ Is it the same globally ???


  • Yes this is the same WW version which is also published on Global website. this version is already released in taiwan and will be released globally in batches so nothing to worry about also there is no any mention on firmware file specifying any region SKU installation notice. so nothing to worry about & also WW stands for worldwide release itself.

    So, Enjoy your Android 11...!

  • Sorry, but I did not find the announced changes in Android 11 !!! Such as weather, clock, file manager, contacts, and other programs, except for minor changes, and all programs are the same in Android 10 without any change

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    Yes, you will not see any major changes with Android 11 because ZenUi 7 was alredy patched on top of Android 10 with Zenfone 7. And Android 11 is also patched with same Zenui 7 so basically there are only minute addition of Aosp features that where released from google at time of Android 11 release. So only some fine tunning of software have been done with some smoother UI changes and with some minute feature additions.

    But dont worry you can expect changes in future with Android 12 if asus releases Zenui 8 this year, than Android 12 will be provided on top of Zenui 8 as a future release for Zenfone 7.


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    Hello, the wait for android 11 in the Czech Republic has been long and should have been a long time ago. I know it needs to be tuned, but April is 2021.

  • Tak si stáhni update ze stránek Asus a nainstaluj manuálně...

  • Buďte rádi, že máte android 10, protože po aktualizacích je telefon hrozně špatný. Sám se třeba vypne a nejde i 5-10 minut zapnout. Špatné ukazování notifikací, nejde otáčet kamera a další...

  • Já teda po aktualizaci žádné velké problémy nemám, blbne mi akorát defaultní launcher. (Využívám Microsoft laucher, takže mi je to celkem jedno)

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