Fingerprint reader bug and app lock issue

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I'm facing this fingerprint scanner and app locker problem after updated.

I'm not able to use app that are locked by fingerprint.

Fingerprint reader doesn't recognise my fingers, even my old phone and laptop can.

I have tried factory reset 2 times, still it's there..

I'm regretting my decision buying this over OnePlus 6.

And also secure folder can easily be accessed by connecting phone with any pc. It's not at all secure.


  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    I think you are talking about Zenfone 5z with latest. 123 firmware??

    If yes than i see that there may be some dirt or smudges occupied already on finger print scanner which causes this problem several times and frequent cleaning that portion of finger print scanner with some soft cloth will definetly help for smoother function of fingerprints recognisations anywhere in the system.

    Also secondly try to clear cache & storage of asus launcher for uneven behaviour of app launching many times

    Steps to clear cache & storage of Asus launcher 👇

    Settings>apps & notifications>ASUS launcher>storage>clear cache/clear storage/force stop.

    Also try to reset all apps preferences :-

    Settings>apps & notifications>upper right corner three dots>reset app preferences.

    This should clear all permissions for all apps and will avoid apps from misbehaving.

    Now also try to reset all your fingerprints by deleting existing once & reregistering new fingerprints.

    To register/delete fingerprint 👇

    Settings>security & lockscreen>fingerprint.

    I think this should help solve your problem.

    Ifnot than sometimes setting new themes which are not fully compatable may cause problem try to set your system theme to ZenUI and see if still issuse exists

    If nothing works than backup your important data and try factory data reset to fix every possible bug from system

    Steps to factory data reset:-

    Settings>system>reset options>erase all data.

    This is fan chat section where mostly only feedbacks are recorded without any support.

    For any device related support from ASUS officials & users kindly try to post your future queries in phone community section by selecting your model & click on new dicussions to raise a new query 👇

    Which will help you to get better & quick support.


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