Netflix on ROG Phone 3 , is the Premium Subscription unneccessary ???

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Hi my ROG 3 Friends,

I have a little Question.

I want to buy my first Netflix Subscription for my ROG 3 and it would be my first time.

I know I can also watch on other devices like my Computer, but if I see all 3 Subscription,

there is a Basis (480p) , a Standard (1080p) and a Premium (4k+HDR)

Rog 3 has a resolution of 1080p, so my Question is:

is the Premium Subscription unneccessary if I just wanna watch stuff on my Phone??

I know not everything is in 4k on Netflix, but would I for example still have HDR with the Premium Subscription ??

Or is it just wasted money, because like I said, the Phone just supports 1080p and the Standard Subscription would be enough.

Appreciate any anwser/experience & thanking in Advance :)


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