When is scheduled charging supposed to stop

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I really have to say that I don't think much of the schedule charging setting. Firstly if you set up a schedule then close all screens and go back to it later 9 times out of 10 it will read the generic 9.59am to 9.59 pm but that's in another post .

Today I thought I would set the schedule for 3.pm to 7.30 pm asaposed to overnight ( 10 pm to 5 am) and I was surprised to see although it did stop at 80% when it started again it reached full charge at 5.15 pm two and a quarter hours before the end time . So if I hadn't been keeping an eye on it like I can't do overnight due to my being unconscious it would be on full charge for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Is this the way it is supposed to work???

I thought that keeping your phone on the charger after it is fully charged is a big NO NO !🥺

I don't think I will be using it again!?!


  • In my case of schedule charging i observed same steps as you described above and allow me to tell you that my 5z was fully charged an hour early and later it just kept trickeling on full charge so i think it works as it should be.

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    In my case it just charges to like 70-80% right away overnight, and then finishes to 100% right before the End-Time that I've set. Zenfone 7 supports passtrough charging so the battery is basically untouched when its plugged in, but not charging

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    I thought passthrough charging was when a power bank, that supports it, is plugged into a wall socket and a phone plugged into the power bank. The charge passes through the power bank into the phone.

    If you mean the charging limit we can set up like the rog 3 ,yes it's a great setting for your battery.

    How well they work is a debate for another day. All phones are supposed to stop receiving a charge when it's either full 100% or to whatever you set it to eg 80%\90% but I don't know if you have ever noticed that if you take your phone off the charger when it is full ,as soon as its full, and start using it the charge will almost immediately slowly start to drop like they are supposed to do . If however you leave it on the charger for another 40 or 50 minutes and start using it ,it will take a lot longer before it starts to drop.

    I have checked using a meter and they most certainly keep taking on charge after they reach full charge,if you keep it on the charger.

    This is not a ZenFone 7 or an Asus thing all phones will do it.

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    Usually, when a device is fully charged, the device will still use the battery as a power source and that way the battery is always charging up to 100% again when it's plugged in. With passthrough charging, the phone will directly use the wall plug as the power source without touching the battery.

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    The time it reaches full charge can vary depending on the set start and end time. 2h trickle is ok. The feature is supposed to prevent the phone from trickle charging 6h (during 8h sleep) every night. We want it to be fully charged even if you wake up 1h too early.

    There's nothing wrong with your phone. The feature is working as intended so don't worry :)

  • Cool thanks I sort of came to the same conclusion but it's always nice to have your conclusions verified

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