Rog 3 screen issue

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus Rog 3 Strix - TENCENT GLOBAL ROM
  2. Firmware Version: Version WW-17.0823.2012.122

Hello, I have an issue with the phone screen, it mostly started after I did the version upgrade however I do not think this is the problem.

The problem is with the screen, from time to time the screen seems to go into colors, as if the screen has some failure (like tv back in the days used to turn into some colors), and even in rare situation the screen won't turn on / off and yesterday it didn't even notice my fingers at all, so had to do a hard reset and only then it worked.

Now, sometimes when the screen fails to come up / turn into colors there is an area (top left) where I put my fingers and with really little pressure get fixed or worst (sometimes while gaming I press there and nothing happen which is odd).

Any idea what could be the problem ? it is the screen ? should I fix it or jump off my window? (joking)



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