Hello Asus, where are you?

Hi there! First of all, I am very sorry if I write badly, I am Spanish and I am using Google Translate. Also, I want to say that I am not an Asus Fanboy, I am just a simple user who wants to give my opinion.

I have a Rog 3 of 16Gb. I bought it as soon as it went on sale on the official website. I've been visiting this forum for a long time, I don't write much, but I always read. The reason I'm writing this is because I feel like I have a different phone than other users seem to have. What I mean is that maybe the Rog3, depending on the version, have bugs or not. On my phone for example, I don't have blackcrush, nor did I have the L3 problem, the battery lasts a long time and in general, the phone is doing quite well.

From here on, I don't mean to say that the phone is perfect, it isn't, and it has bugs, like all phones. I understand that this is a very expensive phone (especially my 16gb phone) and it is true that Asus should have better support.

We are talking about an expensive phone without VolTE, without monthly updates, with a security patch from December 2020 to March 2021 .. anyway .. I feel, that my phone is different from the rest of those who comment on this forum, but at the same time I feel that Asus support is very bad. Users need Asus to clarify its update policy. A 6 month old flagship phone should not have a 4 month old security patch, this is very concerning.

A flagship phone should have VolTE, when 3g networks disappear .. what do we do? do we throw it away? Asus please put the batteries on ..

In short, this is my opinion, my phone works fine, but I understand most of the complaints on this forum. I think we all deserve better support, we pay a lot of money to invest in Asus Rog Phone 3, and Asus is abandoning us. Just think .. if the rog3, 6 months old, is in the December 2020 patch .. where will it be in 1 year or a year and a half? anyway .. just think ..



  • No black crush you say?

    Watch this video at exacly 60% brightness in a dark room and tell me again you don't have black crush lmao.

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    I have not written this post to create a debate or discussion. I only tell my experience. I think that all Rog 3s are not the same, some have some bugs and others don't. But here the problem is not that. The problem is in the support, a problem that affects EVERYONE with a Rog 3.

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    I don't think there are problems on support, the phone get more updates than Xiaomi or Oneplus, the only problem is that these updates aren't solving the main bugs.

    VoLTE or not I don't know, but I have 4g+ and my calls quality is perfect, so I wouldn't cry for this

  • comparing asus to oneplus or xiaomi is kinda null and void considering that asus' mobile division is TINY compared to one plus (who besides TV's ONLY make phones) and Xiaomi (which is china's biggest phone company afaik?)

    and the thing is, asus ARE fixing the bugs, how longs it been since theres been someone complaining about the whole widevine thing that happened last year??? hmm?

    for as small as they are mobile division wise, asus arent doing that bad, but they need MORE COMMUNICATION about updates, WHAT is being added AND WHEN, not "it'll be here soon" because soon can also mean infinite time, its just frustrating

    ANY update is literally better than NOTHING AT ALL

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    You said it yourself. If the updates do not solve the problems, it is because the support is bad.

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    Lol. For someone who uses translate, you construct sentences very good. Anyway, you have a really good point and have all rights to share your views on the phone. Just don't pay attention to those who want to shut you up. They'll try to bring up nonsense just to win the argument.

  • About volte support ^^

    It's from Rog 5's firmware check if your operator is listed

    If Asus beginning supporting volte for those operators on rog 5 the same would probably be supported by older models too through an ota

  • I'll be honest here about the updates

    "Rog isn't a lineup that's supposed to get monthly OTAs" or faster OTAs for that matter

    I mean sure when the phone is newly launched or has some important bugs to fix yes there can be monthly OTAs in that instance for the first few months (features are added too)

    But after the initial few months the support period turns to "bimonthly to every 2 months"

    So you may not always have the latest security patch it's just not an priority for Asus on this phone

    As far as I know as of now you'll get timely patches on Pixels,Samsung's top end flagships (you'll mostly get patches in the first week of every month) but in terms of consistency pixel fares better than samsung

    And the changelogs aren't anything to be excited about it's mostly (Updated security patch,optimised system stability,fixed "X" bug )

    Coming back to Rog Asus doesn't even has an official update policy yet you can see that by seeing past Rog phones (Rog 2 is still unsure to get android 11) I think it might though sooner or later,Rog 1 might very well be the first generation black sheep

    I know this answer won't help you in any way I just wrote what I have seen regarding Rog in the recent past

  • But again if you pit Rog against the other gaming phones that exist Rog's ui/software support/forum/accesory support, development is much better than them

    You have official development for rog phones as Dev's get the phone by Asus (roms and google camera ports)

    Asus is an really gcam friendly dev you don't need to root to access auxiliary (wide angle lens) and they provide access to 48mp raw on gcam for stock unrooted users

    Right now Asus seems to be pushing phones with an unique combination of hardware+software which is according to your liking and are aiming for the enthusiasts mainly you can see by their phone line-ups of gaming oriented Rog and Zenfone with flip camera

    Big battery, headphone jack, notification led,all the enthusiast focused in depth features in ui ✓

    But I agree they need to have an cohesive update policy for Rog as other OEMs have improved their support period

    Asus does update the Zenfones a lot better though (the Zenfone 7 got March patch on A11 beta 2 days ago) and the Zenfone 6 is on jan patch (got stable A11 in December last year)

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    Sry about the two big af messages and hijacking your thread >.<

  • Android 11 beta mails are out

    Beta 1 should be pushed in the next few days

    And yes those on stable will probably get an new ota too in the meantime on android 10

  • I have the global version; I tested on this video and don't have a black crush.

    But in 0 brightness it was hard to watch, and I think it's normal because the movie was too dark.

  • I too,have the rog 16GB,and my experience has been exactly as yours,no black crush and outstanding performance

    But don't be that alarmed for updates,for a phone that gets very few updates,it still holds the performance and non buggy state as it when arrived in my (then) local reseller,I doubt that an iphone or samsung phone would survive a full 2 months or even 4 months without updates or security patches,and personally with all the gaming I have done in recent months"except the frame drops on genshin impact(you know,the completely unoptimized game)"I haven't encountered a single boggling bug that would unsatisfy my experience,so don't be too worried of the updates,it's not that big of a deal

  • There is no way in hell that you don't have black crush. If I see a single OLED panel that doesnt have black crush I'll literally hail the phone manufacturer to be the single greatest manufacturer on the planet. When people refer to black crush they mean greyscale banding, which I'm quite sure your phone also has. Infact I distincly remember you mentioning it that you have it but aren't bothered by it. All the Rog3 phones have greyscale banding without exception.

  • "on 0% brightness its hard to watch", that's black crush.

  • You remember correctly,i do have black crush,but not on 60hz (which I thought the guy I replied to was using since he specifically mentioned not having one at all) and it's very VEEERY difficult to notice,hell I don't even know if I have it on 60,but once I touch 120hz I start to notice the blacks becoming blocks,and going up the ladder it gets worse

    But since I have unlocked 160hz and I'm using it 24/7 since I loooove the smoothness,I do see the greyed out filter,the "severe" black crush more than anyone in here,or at least those who haven't unlocked it yet

    Thank God Idgad about it tho, otherwise it would be quite disappointing and since I have a feeling you remember me stating why it's not that big of a deal for games and gamers alike,I think i don't have to start writing the same things I wrote 2 or 3 months ago

    Moving on

    If you meant that you had no black crush on 60hz,that's alright my comment stands true

    But if you meant that on higher hz and ESPECIALLY 160hz,you have no black crush,then you must be lying because I sure do know that we have the same exact device since it was EXTREMELY rare and I'm sure that from this forum here only 1% has the 16GB model

    Please collaborate

  • As mentioned you have black crush no matter the frequency, all OLED's have black crush. What you're refering to is color bending (pixelation) and while it's much less, than on higher frequency it still happens on 60hz, altho on very specific movies such as batman 2021 trailer and also only on 45 - 75% brightness, but it's still there.

    For most games it won't matter but for games such as resident evil (if you use gf experience for example) color bending does even become a problem for gamers. It is fixable tho so we will have to hope my request will be fulfilled because then I might have a fix for the banding around next week :)

  • I suppose resident evil gamers will do anything they can to fix it if they truly love those games

    And according to you,Iphone 11 pro max and 12 pro max have also pixelations right? Or at least 12 pro max since from what I remember X and 11 had an LCD panel

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    The purpose for which I opened this post is not to create a debate on whether or not there is blackcrush. I honestly don't notice anything when watching dark videos on my phone. I don't want to upset those who do. If you have blackcrush, I give my support that Asus fixes it once and for all. The objective of this post is that Asus gives us better support, better updates ... etc ... but I think people did not understand it, so it is better for a mod to close this discussion.

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    And that is why my new mainboard is from MSI not from Asus with this poor support...

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