Open your eyes

Stop defending Asus for their super useless software support.

60 days already and no sign of updates .

Same fate as Rog 1 and 2 , 3 is now getting dead too lol . They promised 2 years of updates guess what they are just wasting time so that promise gets over and they are free to go .

Rog 5 is nothing new just a design failed device .

We know asus is small company but atleast provide proper support to your only 3 devices lol you can't even maintain 3 devices and you want to grow at this pace you will lose this race .

Users are facing many issue , charging issue , software bugs , reboots , Service center failures .

It's like a joke to spend on asus .

:) Thank you for your awesome support :) :) -1 for it .


  • Asus is not a small company as you said, that's why their behavior is even more disappointing....

  • CravenCraven Level 3

    Don't mind me. I'm just waiting for "those" people to start arguing with you. You know who they are.

  • I have answer for all the things and it's simple answer. Never. Asus will never fix issues. Andriod 11 will never come and we don't have any hope now. Only solution I see is to switch to other better device or use the mobile as it is thinking that it's our fate. Being such a company they are not able to provide timelines for updates this shows there attitude towards after sales support.

  • We should atleast feel lucky that our phone deosnt break like ROG 5. Thank god atleast we have got hardware

  • lan61tlan61t Level 1

    Honestly, until now i dont have any problem with their ROG3, maybe i just dont care that much about blackcrush, and still no issue regarding the phone or the laptop.

    But from current experience, I will avoiding Asus Accessories 100%. Was going to get the twin dock, but no more.

    Based on my experience, the best solution if you have a problem with Asus:

    1. Visiting Asus (Enter Country Name)
    2. Ask them what to do? Record it!
    3. Go to Asus Service Center.

    *if possible

  • Ofc they ain't if you scroll through forum you will understand why I used that line . It was said by most of the users to defend asus on baseless factor .

    And people on forums be like it's doesn't matter in normal useage like what ? Everyone use phone is normal ways or some will touch screen with stick and stones ? Even the slightest best will R.I.P the screen and it can happen when the phone is in pocket and seeing it , it doesn't need much tight jeans to do it .



    I saw people saying Rog is complicated device so it's hard to give update ! okay I agree ! So if it's complicated device why asus upkeep it , like why to release a phone they can't maintain , it's common sense a common rule for everyone if you can't maintain or do something why to make such thing lol . We here ain't asking for new features atleast fix freaking bugs , defects and your service center they will literally degrad your device after service .


  • ADHADH Level 2

    Hmm , In simple feeling useless 🙂 .

  • I don't have any issue with my Rog 3 , I paid 60k for black crush ( It will never resolve ) , for dead devices ( This is my 2nd Rog 3 because 1st one went dead in 3 days ) , for walking into service center with in 1-2 months of purchase , for waiting and crying for updates , for begging asus to fix things , for unstable OS , for charging issue , for hardware failures , for dead air triggers .

    Oh yeah no issue with my Rog 3 it's just I paid money for that all .

    So do I and most of the users . Guess what ? It's just mini % of users who are using zentalk .

  • eqlm2eqlm2 Level 2

    i don't know how Asus would react to this law, if they can't maintain just one-year updates. how they gonna update their phone 10 years.

  • Android 11 beta emails got sent out today so you can all stop complaining and making yourselfs look stupid now xo

  • Everything happens for a reason but people are very impatient these days!

  • Just one question to the one who've started this thread: Are you still studying or do you work somewhere?

  • You are right bro.

    Plz switch others bands mobile

    Asus working on rog 6 . Rog 3 is old device no update no patch no bug fixed.

  • No-one has got mail everyone is just fooling people

  • chill bro, it's not worth it, android 11 doesn't have big changes.

    But Asus needs to work harder, especially when rog 3 was very successful.

  • Idk who is stupid here the one who told the truth or the one who is crying to get in beta . Who ever is but one thing I see triggered Asus worshippers here nothing else lol . That's just a email about beta nothing to do with this bugs , service , and tons of issue lol Atleast make a base of your statement .

    I don't think you have to do anything with my personal life but according to your question I am matured person than you . 👍

  • True af I only see 3 members till now who are claiming to get email they actually got beta testing tag too but I wonder only 3 ? Because according to selection criteria users needs to be active in forum so according to the rules selecting non forum users in next stupidity if they committed .

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