Navigation bar is not automatically hide, how to restore the autohide?

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Just of today, my navigation bar is not automatically hide. How can I restore the autohide? I am using Android 11 for a while now. Haven't seen it like this.


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    Does navigation bar is not hidden while watching any videos?

    Also Please can you explain the scenario where you cannot auto hide navigation bar??

  • Yes, the navigation bar is still there even when I watch a video. Funny thing is, the navigation bar is automatically hide when I play a game {Summoner's Greed) but on every other app, it's still on.

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    While playing games you have option in game genie to hide navigation bar so if thats ON than it will get automatically hided. Also for all other apps its default A10 behaviour just like pixel devices this can be changed only if google does it. but i am seeing strange behaviour with you on video experience actually it should be auto hided there. But Will you do one thing.

    Have you tried safe mode??

    Just try To entre safe mode press & hold power key for few seconds tap & hold again on shutdown option for few seconds than you will see a notification asking you to entre safe mode just say ok & you are done

    (to exit safe mode just restart your device)

    Now in safe mode see while you play youtube does watching videos show same phenomenon there with navigation bar if yes than try below suggested method👇

    Just try to change system navigation option (to any) come to homescreen & set it to gesture navigation again & see if that helps.

    Its just like reseting your system navigation option.

    I wish this helps ifnot than wait for next FOTA.

  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    Yes please note:- if you watch videos in browsers than navigation bar will not be hidden and this is default behaviour.

    Navigation bar can only be auto hidden while watching youtube videos.

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