So no more updates for 5Z 😏

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: 5z
  2. Firmware Version: November patch 2020
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

5 month ? 🤷


  • Maybe 1 or 2 left most probably

    Come come anytime no timeframe now 🤷🏻

    Would just be a security patch and bug fixes anyways

    Support is EOL for 5z now

  • Time for new device and thanks Asus for your awesome software support, you guys will go pretty far like this

  • Hi there, any news and announcement about updates will be shared once it is ready. Request you to stay tuned.

  • New models are more priorities now. 5z will be getting security & bug fixes updates but without ETA for them & may drop anytime. Just coming soon & wait is the only option here. But dont worry update is surely coming.

    Stay tuned!

  • GeraGera Level 1

    Yeap time do move on, too bad it´s a good phone/hardware but the Asus software department is pretty bad

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    They only promised you two years of support nothing more nothing less

    5z got 2 android os versions "on time" and around 2.5+yrs of patches at this point and software support is still not totally dead yet

  • Spot on if you keep the same phone for more than 2 years chances are you really just want a phone not a device. Let's face it phones now are oblolete as soon as its big Brother comes out .

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    That's the only reason why I like Apple even after the new models comes out they doesn't forget their earlier devices ( I know there is huge price difference, just pointed out) Don't get mad at me ASUS fanbois 😛

  • They keep on saying zenui 7, android 11 is under evaluation since 10 months now.

    Wonder when will this evaluation end.

  • They can't say no directly

    Mods don't have a say over anything and don't decide how much a model will be supported they just pass down information to us from the devs and upper management team which is responsible for these matters

    So when the future support period is not clear and Asus doesn't have an confirmed support cycle they can't neither yes or no hence the neutral answer

    But at this point you can probably understand it's probably no as even the latest Zenfones/Rog phones have only 2 os upgrade policy let alone 2018's 5z

  • True some do support your phones with 3 os versions but that 3rd upgrade period is very late and buggy (you can see this with OEMs like OnePlus)

    Asus's 2 os versions,3yrs of patches with the unique hardware and software combination it offers is nice to be honest and if they decide to give 3 os versions in the future it'll be cherry on the top

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    Both aren't comparable

    iPhone's iOS and Android are two totally different operating systems with different priorities,usage and user freedom

    iOS only runs on an handful of apple products but android runs on hundreds of android phones by different android manufacturers with different ui/skins but gotta say google is improving the update cycle and ui integrity with every android version, project treble was a major success and now many OEMs offer faster and better software support

    Plus pricing wise 5z cost slightly less than a half of what a traditional iphone flagship does and you can't even proudly say you get a "better and latest hardware" on iphone lol with that outdated notch and 60hz display

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