Don't buy the ROG Cetra for your phone!

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In case anyone's still planning on buying it, DON'T! I own a pair and have been using them for months but now i just can't anymore. I can definitely confirm the sound quality is excellent but power consumption for the earbuds, however, is unreasonably high. When connected to your phone, your battery will drain almost twice as fast. So much for 6000 mAh! And now you probably might be thinking "it has Active Noise-Cancelling, of course the earbuds will use more battery" guess what, even with ANC disabled, power consumption is still the same! There is no hope for these earbuds. You can buy them but you'll be better off using them on your laptop that's on wall power or if you must use them on your phone, you'll have to use them while on bypass-charging and that means 2 annoying cables connected to your phone. 144 hz/90 fps PUBGM+CETRA earbuds = kiss your battery goodbye.


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    Can't say anything about it since i only have the old model. All i know is that i regret this purchase.

  • Wait, wired earphones consume power?

    I didn't know that.

  • Of course any wired earphones will consume battery because they dont have their own source of power but its so minimal that you wont even notice it but according to @Craven thats not the thing here and cetra is consuming so much more energy than any other earphone (even with ANC off) which makes it not usable for long periods

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    Exactly! For comparison, i had a Soundmagic ES18S with my zenfone max pro m1. The m1's battery idle drain was around 4-6% overnight. If i leave my ES18S connected while i sleep, the idle drain would still be around those numbers but I'll just go ahead and say it uses 1-2% battery in 8 hrs. For the Cetra and ROG, ROG's idle drain overnight is around 10-15%, if i leave the Cetra connected while i sleep, the numbers will double. Doesn't matter if i have ANC on/off.

    Btw, the Cetra's inline controls gets decently toasty after a while so you just know that thing's using up some serious juice. The heat is proof of that.

  • Sometimes I have the suscpicion that this forum tries to give me a stroke or something. Power consumption of headphones are extremely low, we talk literal miliWatts here. There is no way in hell, that these in earbuds can make a drastic difference in terms of battery life based of their power consumption.

    Now you may ask, why is it that you notice a drastic difference in battery consumption? Is it placebo? are you going crazy?

    Well the answer lies within the software. You see the problem you're facing isn't the cetra earbuds themselves, it's the Rog3's software. The sound processing with cetra earbuds will make the CPU work harder to produce and process the sound hence the battery life goes down the drain. The hardware itself isn't the problem here mind you, it's purely the sound processing algorythm that needs some optimizations so it doesn't drain the CPU. You can easily check it yourself by checking your CPU usage with and without the cetra, also you can use another phone and you won't notice a drastic change in battery life.

    Also as a person who uses actual good sounding headphones, the rog cetra aren't great, infact they are quite mediocre at best. They are obviously gaming headphones so they're not supposed to sound great, they are supposed to be loud and have boosted mid tones for hearing steps and shots better, when compared to actual good headphones/ earbuds the cetra is slightly below average and for it's price it certainly gets destroyed.

    Just my 2 cents here.

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