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  • e.ayaze.ayaz Level 1

    Rog phone 5 için dekstop dock çıkacak mi ? Çünkü dekstop dock girişi rog phone 5 te görünmüyor ?

  • I posted a reply in the thread you made earlier. 🙂

  • Hey, so I did post couple of days ago about Jerry's durability of the ROG 5 that is "failed", the post got closed and there are more posts who probably will get closed as well, so..lets talk about this here as requested!

    I did see the video, and also saw the second video of jerry's taking the phone apart (always pain when he does that), and it is interesting.

    The Rog 1+2+3 survived yet 5 didn't, jerry's himself say it shouldn't happen as the daily users don't really apply pressure, however I have to admit I am a bit disappointed, I think the ROG 5 is very interesting, and got cool new improvements (thanks for bringing back the 3.5!) however I hope the next ROG will also be solid hard, I think it is important.

    BUT, the design of the ROG 5? amazing!

    What do you guys thing ?

  • The post got closed because there is an existing one here:

    It didn't get closed because they're trying to hide the durability problem. (Though I do hope that they acknowledge this issue)

    I will say though that as an owner of a Google Nexus 6P that bending isn't that big of an issue even though that phone (Nexus 6P) was completely snapped by Jerry in half with minimal effort (granted this is just my experience and use case).

    ASUS has dropped the ball multiple times such as the lack of VoLTE and band support on the ROG Phone 2, the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack in ROG Phone 3, the lack of 5G mmWave support on the ROG Phone 5 (granted this one is for people like me who are Americans living in the big city), and slow software updates. However, the bending problem (from my own personal experience with another phone) isn't that big of a deal.

    As for the designs, the ROG Phone 5 Pro and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate look absolutely beautiful. The base ROG Phone 5 though is extremely ugly and is probably one of the ugliest looking phone they made in my personal opinion (not sure if it's intentional to make the premium models look even prettier in contrast). Doesn't matter much though if ASUS or a third party makes a good looking case to hide the base model's ugly rear.

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
    edited March 2021

    Just a suggestion don't hold your phone at both ends and try to make them meet maybe a solution ??

  • I mean being a gaming phone and all with the triggers etc it's be kinda hard not to lol

  • Holding it ain't a problem

    But the thing is Jerry doesn't have an "set metric" of how much force he applies we are just supposed to take his word for it

    And about breaking the phone rage quitting I think that would likely be an entitled guy and not an normal user 🙌

    The possibility exists but I don't think most of us trash or bend our phones after losing an online multiplayer match lol

  • TX11559TX11559 Level 2
    edited March 2021

    I know they didn't close it because they are trying to hide it, they close it as they want everything rog 5 to be written here! I have nothing against them, just moving the conversation here.


  • Yeah, it's difficult to read tones and there can be underlying messages when reading texts so I just pointed it out in case you were taking it the wrong way. (Not trying to be aggressive and I hope I don't sound that way lol)

    But also, it's not that they want everything written in this thread. This is a general discussion thread for anything and does not have to be technical related. I'm sure they want the bending problem to be discussed in the already existing thread about said topic (the link I posted above).

  • TX11559TX11559 Level 2
    edited March 2021

    Don't worry, and it's fine.

    Sometimes reading from texts can he indeed a problem.

  • Just wanna thank Asus for ticking most of my lists except on the Camera dept (IOS and sensor upgrade?). I know given it is a gaming device, but there are people like me who are willing to buy not being a gamer.

    I'm buying the base variant anyway as soon as it launches in my country.

    Please Asus, never again remove the headphone jack again, and this quad-dac addition was cherry on cake as I was looking to upgrade to LG V60. Do focus on addition of OIS and sensor upgradarion on every Asus higher models - be it Zenphone or ROG. I will blindly buy it no matter what.

  • Adding those OIS & latest Camera sensor's will push device pricing to much higher bracket where customers will ignore ROG in buying comparisions with other brands.

  • Its a "Gaming flagship" not a "premium flagship" so basically Gamers dont bother much about camera's but yes sensors used in ROG have been always flagship level which are used with flagship zenfones so adding OIS will increase surely its costing where sales will be hampered with lots of competation. No any premium customer will buy gaming smartphone at premium price.

    EIS does the job much closer like OIS these days so i dont think it is that necessary where gamers will keep there device for continous hardcore gaming rather than photography.

  • If you're a camera person u'd be way way way better off with a huawei or a xiaomi mi 10 ultra.

  • The reason for buying Asus devices for me - is because they are made in Indonesia. It may seem odd to you since there is almost no escaping from Chinese goods but I try every way possible. Besides, no other manufacturer comes close to what these Taiwanese bad boys are offering.

  • Judging from his comment I think his first priority is the headphone jack

  • Not at all lol I was just replying to the above comment about those huawei suggestions

    I myself am pro jack but sadly very less options in market now so gotta compromise

    Hopefully Asus brings back the jack in zenfone series too

  • Very true.... After looking at ROG 5 series i see that it launched this year with 3 models and i felt that it would have been great if ROG pro or ROG ultimate atleast one of those 2 models had OIS to justify its price bracket but again i thought yes it have an extra screen with extra air triggers with some really nice customisations & a comeback of ESS DAC with headphone jack having special audio wizard tuned from diarac is all great what gamers consider as there priority to justify its pricing as a flagship gaming smartphone.

    So For photography i feel Zenfones are here to overall complete that segment.! But also as ROG has flagship camera sensors Asus can tune those more to compete other flagships in terms of picture quality & shootings.

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