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here the gpu clock is 1420mhz. how can I do that


  • Why would you want to? That's a sure fire way to kill your device, and besides making it too hot to hold (not to mention fire risks) you wouldn't notice any performance increase anyway

  • so why 865+ 670mhz? If it doesn't work, that overclocking

  • A modified kernel is needed that being said it cannot run 1420mhz. The moment you launch a benchmark the phone will instantly crash. Adreno 650 GPU's max clock is everywhere from 850 - 975mhz depending on how lucky you are.

  • I am using 865mhz. I don't see much difference. I did not run a benchmark. Does this cause a problem

  • hi friend, how did you get on 865 is this gpu865? tell me how did you do it? I achieved the maximum at 670mhz if more then the device is loaded, how did you get it?

  • Root, obviously, there's no other way,I checked literally everywhere,and the apps responsible for changing the clock speeds

    But if it can run 1420,will it crush on xmode while gaming? Or will it turn once again to 670mhz?

  • what kind of application share bro let me know everything! I have 670mhz anymore I could not give out my application.

  • With root and kernel ... and you have to add thermal config otherwise it will get shorter and you won't get 865 MHz.

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    You have to note that you have the SD 865 non plus. with the plus version it's still capped to 682mhz. Also the reason you don't see much of a difference is because games can't even utilize the Adreno 650 at 670mhz at its fullest. The most demanding game which is genshin impact runs at roughly 60-80% usage. All you're doing with overclock is making battery life worse and potentially damaging your device depending on what voltage has been used on the kernel.

  • you are right my friend. But if the 865+ can get 3.1ghz and 670mhz with overclocking and they sell it because it's safe, it should be safe for us to do that. All the same integrations are available in both variations. what is the difference?

  • look bro, I put 865mhz the phone does not load, I insert 670 then the device turns on I want to get more frequencies I can't get it, what's up?

  • I haven't looked into it yet, however you need to pay attention to what I said. The reason why 670mhz is safe is because of voltage. I will use arbitrary numbers so don't think they are actual numbers it's just for the sake of explaining:

    Lets say you have 2 snapdragon chips on the same manufacturer process SD 865 and SD 865+, they have a certain tested safe voltage rating, meaning that's what is considered safe operation without killing them.

    If your chip can run lets say:

    670mhz @ 0.5volts then it's safe,

    if it runs 800mhz @ 0.5volts it's safe,

    if it runs 2000mhz @ 0.5volts it's safe

    However it it runs lets say on:

    671mhz @ 0.75volts then it's not safe anymore

    200mhz @ 0.7volts then it's not safe anymore

    Many of these OC kernels people use, use higher voltage to run frequencies and this can cause phones to die rather quickly. A user on official rog3 telegram has Overclocked his Rog3 to 900mhz and it died the next day due to the "wakeup" voltage spike. He had to RMA it as the chip died. This has also been reported from various other people who had an OC nubia, OP8 or Xiami Mi 10.

    While it doesn't mean it will die instantly when you run OC it, you're degrading your phone over time. This is especially true if you remove thermal limits. Those limits try to prevent your chip from degrading over time, many have had OC kernels that would start crashing the phone because of SoC degradation and will eventually make it not even able to sustain stock speeds at stock voltages anymore.

  • So the options asus has given us with hardcore tuning and unrooted are perfectly safe?

  • I understand you very well my friend. so I have to limit this to 670mhz.

  • Correct, you can basicially do whatever you want.

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    hi guys how are you.? I still managed to create my own kernel with Overclocking gpu up to 900mhz.and here is the result that I got the processor (sd865)

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