Sbi Yono app crash

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Hi all, is anyone facing the issue of Yono app crashing, within the first few seconds of opening. I've seen few 6z users reporting the same in playstore comments. Had anyone able to overcome the issue..


  • What happens if you clear cache & storage of sbi yono app? Try it from👇

    settings>apps & notifications> sbi yono app >storage>force stop/clear storage/clear cache.

    If still issue exists than kindly reinstall app & login again.

    if still issue remains than definetly it would be that Sbi yono app is still not fully compatible with Android 11 try to report that issue with app developer.


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    Thanks for the response. So, I've tried the steps mentioned, but they didn't help. While the Yono Lite is working fine, without any issues. Also, Yono is working very fine on my old Samsung A5 2017 & S10 lite, with Android 11. Not sure why this issue is happening on 6z. Adding to that, the Canara Bank CANDI app is not working as smoothly as it does on my A5,2017 & on the S10 lite.

    I've reported the problem to app developer, a few months ago. Haven't got a positive response from them.. For now, checking the app for any better improvement on a periodic basis.

    I'd love to know, if anyone had been facing this same issue & got them to work, somehow...

  • rfarfa Level 2

    It might be the system Web view / accessibility suite issue that is being reported elsewhere

  • Not sure, But I've updated the Web view too.. The app crash issue remained the same though..

  • I have same issue SBI YONO made me clr this mobile provlem

  • Hi all if its still crashing with Android 11 than may be there are some compatibility issues only with Abdroid 11 try to report issue to app developers.

    Because i am using same app which i updated last day with Android 10 works with no issue at all. so it seems compatibility of app is not good with Android 11

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