ROG 3 fingerprint sensor is worthless

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We all know under display fingerprint sensors are not great, but ROG 3s is exceptionally bad. I mean it doesn't even work 90% of the time. For the other 10% it takes ages to unlock. I have tried all my fingers and positions. It works only if you place the finger on the exactly same position you set it in the first place and even then it takes 1-2 seconds to unlock. Thank god there is face unlock that works.


  • mine works 99/100 times instantly, it just sounds like your phone has an issue

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    I don't know about ROG 3, but in ROG 2 I can set 5 fingerprints. I set them all the same so it recognizes quicker. Hopefully, that makes sense.

  • The fingerprint just does not work, so i use the face unlock. The face unlock does the job, but needs some time to get use to it.

  • I'll give you an advice, register your finger 2 times and it should work perfectly

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    never had such an issue. did you cover the white circle light with your finger? during the setup, did you shift your fingers around? i only registered 1 finger, and its working fine

  • I will try registering 1 finger several times. Let's see what happens.

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    As a right hand User...I have 4 different Fingers registered. Both Index Fingers left+right hand if the Phone lies on a table and also both thumbs and my right thumb is two Times registered, it run's perfectly!! Also can't confirm any issue here.

    Stupid sentence: but maybe you also should clean your Display regular??? I do, and I also have the original Asus Screen Protector. No issue's here.

  • I have added some more fingers, but I am still not happy with the speed that the sensor works nor with its accuracy. It just needs perfect finger placement and even then the phone unlocks after a second. My old ZTE Axon 7 is times faster and more accurate.

  • Not quite, while mine also works 99% of the time I have seen certain people who still have issues with it. It really depends how clean your fingers are, how thick or thin they are and how damaged or healed they are. If you work in some physical demanding workplace chances are the fingerprint will be way more of a hassle.

  • I can also confirm my fingerprint sensor works 99/100 times. I have both thumbs and index fingers setup and all can open the phone just fine. As others have mentioned it's best to keep the screen clean and the state your fingers are in is important too. (Such as wet, damaged, raw, thin prints)

  • The finger registration process is very important. If you don't register all the sides of your finger, then you will have much less chance of registering it.

    Some suggest that you should register the same finger more than once as different fingers. This will yield better results in the beginning but with time it can be the other way around and this is because the scanner learns and improves over time. If you have scanned your finger three times as different fingers, then this data will go into the first finger scan that recognizes your finger.

    As Danishblunt pointed out. If you register your finger when it was nice and soft, and then you start using strong chemicals to clean your home, then you might get small cracks in your fingerprint and it will no longer get recognized as easily until it has healed again.

    I suggest you delete your fingerprints and redo the whole process.

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