Dual wifi?

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I like the idea of being able to use both radios ( 5+2.4 ghz) simultaneously but every time I do use it when I turn it off again I can't get my wifi to work untill I do a soft reset. I can connect to my router but with no internet access. I would ask for a fix in an update but I don't want to swear oops I said a bad word sorry. Anyone know what is happening here?


  • No, don't have such problem

  • Ok maybe I think it may be because I have been using a VPN to stream lately . I was using a smart DNS server up until the last week or so and I don't remember having this problem then . When the war office stops watching her crappy shows on Hulu I'll turn off the VPN and see if it helps. I'll post my findings later,if anyone is interested

  • Well it looks like I spoke to soon. I tried dual wifi again today, several times, and I could not recreate the issue and that's with the VPN still running. It must have been a glitch with my ISP last night,O Well all good now. Nothing to see here.

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