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I don't think the schedule charging option works on my phone. I set it to charge overnight from 9 pm till 9 am at about 8.50 pm plugged it in made sure the toggle was on but it just started charging straight away as normal. Am I missing something



  • In fact nothing on the battery care charging seems to work. I turned off schedule charging and went for slow 18 W charging instead but it makes no difference, the estimate to full charge is exactly the same as fast charging. If I pull down the drape it says slow charging is on but if I look at settings/ battery it still says fast charging. Again am I doing something wrong or is it just my phone or does it not work for all ??

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    Scheduled charging charges the phone normally till 80% and stops there (the led turns off and the phone doesn't take in any power) and again starts charging a bit before your set end time and completes by the entered end time

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    Slow charging charges at 10W right?

    Check the mA wattage in an app like Ampere (compare normal vs slow charging enabled)

    Even if it shows fast charging in lockscreen it should slow charge if that option is enabled and it's being displayed in notification panel

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    Thanks for your response Averan I think I worked it out. I use an app called acubattery and if I check that it does tell me it's charging slower than normal fast changing when I am using slow charging.

    The schedule charging I thought should not charge at all until the start time is reached but it doesn't work that way,at least I think it doesn't. I understand what you said and yes I believe that is what is happening. Thanks 👍

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    No problem :)

    And yes scheduled charging doesn't kick in till you reach the set start time even if it does it'll continue to charge normally till 80% before stopping either ways

    Glad slow charging is working as expected

  • Ok this is crazy. I don't know if you guys are facing the same problem but on my ROG Phone 3, the schedule charging thing goes crazy with setting the start and end times, meaning that I choose any 2 start/end times and when I go back to the previous page it shows 2 totally different times. If I open the schedule charging page again, it's also 2 random numbers. The bugs are real on this phone.

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    I get the same behaviour but if you pull the drape with the phone connected to the charger and tap on the word setting, not the notification itself but the word setting at the bottom of the notification it will take you to the battery settings schedule and you should see that it is indeed correct.

    I don't know why it is the way it is, most probably a bug that hopefully will be fixed in an update maybe.

    I have attempted several times to post this on your post under the rog 3 forum but either a moderator keeps taking it down or it just automatically happens . I get a little message at the bottom of my phone say mismatched topic,or something like that

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    I know factory reset should not always be modern soltuions where its very hard to backup all data and restore again but from my experience i was facing same problem with my 5z regarding schedule charging for start time & end times inconsistency when new A10 came in & i was so frustrated and later i had no any other option than to see if factory reset helped which was adviced by moderator and yes my problem got fixed after factory data reset so i think you guysz should also try with factory data reset and i think update will not fix this issue but still if you want you can wait until next FOTA.

  • Thanks for the tip , or should I be thanking you for backing up the little voice in the back of all ,/most of our minds. No-one likes doing a hard reset because it's a pain in the UNO and who needs a pain in the UNO But your quite right it works.

    I couldn't understand why I was getting such weird behaviour when trying different fixes ,or at least what I thought were fixes until the results just wouldn't the long term so I bit the damnd bullet and did the dreaded tonight and yes so far so good.

    The proof of the pudding is in the tasting,or so they say,so I may post again after a day or threr, but I have been tinkering with the alarm system for a couple of hours now and so far it seems fixed,eg , when you set a schedule and back out or simply close the page and reopen it it stays the same. No more eronious readings.

    Some things never change eh I remember when the very first of the Nokia Lumia phones came out ,the go to fix all was a hard reset and all these years later with the latest devices ( notice how we call them devices now and not phones) sometimes it just comes back to the PHONE getting confused and needs to be reborn./reset

    Anyway again thanks for your help

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    Almost 24 hours since I did the hard reset and I am very happy that I did it. My battery seems to be lasting a lot longer today. I started about 5.30 am with a full charge and just got home now ( 3.30 pm ) and I have only gone through 18% of the charge. I have not done anything different today eg phone calls , android auto, ( I had the battery settings to stop charging at 90% and started AAat 87% so it only added 3%) streamed I movie for 20 minutes, and surfed the Net , usually this would use about 30 to 35 % charge. I don't really understand why but I am very happy.

  • As factory reset is always a fresh start with the OS it will wash out all your problems and i am glad that it helped you in every possible aspect like

    It fixed schedule charging bug

    It fixed battery unwanted draining.

    I wish other users follow same path and get there problem fixed.

    Now njoy with smoother & faster bug free ZENUI 7😁

    Happy to help always!

    Have a great day

    Stay safe:)

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    Thanks Amit . I never really thought of a phone like a router but yes a factory reset certainly got the tiny bugs out the same as it does when my Asus router starts playing Up 👍

  • It would have been enough to clear the storage of PowerMaster to fix the scheduled charging issue but I'm happy your battery life got better so it was not for nothing :D

  • Hello,

    A French moderator , Olivier, provide a tips which have work on my device without making a factory reset :

    Go to settings, applications , display XX applications, click on option on the top right (3 dots), display system process, Power master, Storage and cache, Erase data.

    Then reboot the phone.

    Some options may have a wrong translation as my phone is in French, but it solve the issue on my side and schedule charging now work well with the last fw: 53.23


  • So when you go to clear the storage on a setting like powermaster and it says , clearing the storage may make the app missbehave,,do you just ignore that warning? I have ignored it before on other apps / settings and it seems to missbehave a little for a short time sometimes and sometimes not . I am curious what we should or should not do when we get this notification.

  • So when you clear the storage on say powermaster a message comes up saying, clearing the storage may make the app to missbehave, do we just ignore that.

  • I may have spoken to soon. My phone now, even though I have set a schedule if I don't plug it in straight away, it will say start and end time 9.59 am . Once I turn it on and back out of scheduled charging then back again the time will state the time I set . Is this normal behaviour. I have even tried clearing the storage but it only seems to last a little while. Weird !!??

  • But for my 5z clearing just cache & storage was not helpful and only option that helped was factory reset and so i directly told user to factory data reset.

  • Do you mean your set schedule time keeps changing after sometime?

  • It's a bit hard to explain but when I set the schedule and not charge the phone straight away when I go to charge it the times will show 9.59 pm and 9.59 am but if I turn the toggle on and tap on it to set the time it will actually be on the schedule I set

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