Zenbook Duo 14 UX482 - ScreenPad Plus Splash Screen & Wallpapers

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Just bought the new UX482, and I'm very happy with it. Anyway it was a exposition one, because shop hadn't anymore in stock. When I arrived home I tried to revert it to original state, but due to an error the system went down and I couldn't restore it. I've download Windows 10 ISO and made a fresh install.

All is working nicely, but I miss two things, and was wondering if someone else here could help me out:

  • First one, is the original ASUS wallpapers (the one in the main screen and the one in the ScreenPAD). I've managed to get the ones from the earlier model UX481, but would like to have the ones from UX482, like the picture I include;
  • Second thing, when I turned ON the laptop for the first time, I remmember that there was a SPLASH screen in the SCREENPAD+ appearing as soon as it went on. Can anyone explain to me how I could get this Splash Screen back? (Remmember that I don't have Asus's original file, I had to make a fresh clean install, because recovery procedure didn't work).



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