Zenfone 7: what I would improve.

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I am the owner of Zenfone 7, I am very satisfied with my mobile phone. I like clean software, everything is very fast. But below are a few points that would still be missing.

1. Software support: I do not consider the delay on A11 to be a big disadvantage. This can just happen and I'd rather have a stable system. But what about additional support? Zenfone 7 still officially has only 2 years of updates + 1 year of security? That's not enough for me nowadays and on such an expensive phone.

2. Always on Display: Without notifications, it's more like a battery eater. I hope this will change for Zenfone 7 already.

3. VoLTE and VoWIFI: still not, but this has been discussed several times here.

These points bother me the most, but I would still recommend this phone!


  • I have the exact same expectations! With those changes, I think it would be close to the perfect phone!

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    My first experience with the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro phone may be the last, due to the weakness of the software and the lack of interest in security updates. Poor performance phones I got the Android 11 update and the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro phone did not get it yet! I hope Asus will focus on software like OnePlus

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    Sounds good, but forget it. If Asus didn't enable VoLTE and VoWIFI yet, they have no reason to do it in a next few years.

    Same story with other points, they have their development teams and users opinion is the last important matter there.

  • Well it is good to know. I wanted to buy ZF 6 and I didn't because of that. Then I needed a new phine and no other phone matched my criteria ( big screen, clean android experience, new SOC ). So I bought ZF7. now I know it will not Volte next phone for sure won't be an Asus! It's that simple. Let's hope this one will not break that soon. And maybe I will root it and get Volte so!

  • Well.. OnePlus released software and then pulled it back becuase it had bugs...so I prefer so since they know they have bug...and they at least try to fix it before releasing

  • I think the ZenFone 7 is a great phone in every way. Firstly you don't have to have the always on display on but it's there for people who do want to use it secondly, I don't really understand why people get so head up about volte and vowifi personally I don't have a disere for it or not and finally I would never keep a phone for 3 years I see them like cars sell and trade up before they lose to much value ( 18 months to 2 years max ).

    But that is just me so UNO what they say ,, horses for courses,,. But every one is different if we weren't it would be a pretty boring world I think they call that uniformity communism don't they 😈 lol

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