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Asus needs to confirm whether VoLTE and VoWifi will be working on this device! I don't see anything in the tech specs and clearly nothing I see anywhere from Asus.

This needs to be addressed.


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    I'll agree with you. It's something they need to address as it's a feature that end the most basic phones have, but a "flagship" not having it is kinda the opposite of what a flagship is

  • Oh nevermind I did t see you posted this in the rog 5 section.

    I'd be interested to see if it does or not, if it doesnt support it then it's literally a cashgrab for them at this point, VoLTE should be standard, it's 2021

  • They should as I understand the issue was more the license than implement in software, since they already paid for it for rog 3 don't see why they won't just integrate it in rog 5

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    There's no license per se, there is a standard that almost all telecoms follow. All Asus has to do is add the coding. Google GSMA

    It's 2021, VoLTE and VoWifi should have been standard in all their devices no less than 2 years ago.

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    Hello this is from Rog 5's firmware

    The operators stated here might possibly support volte and further down the line older Rog/Zenfones might get the support too

    Check if you can find your regional operators here

    Just an FYI:Even if your operator is stated here take the info with a pinch of salt :D you never know what'll happen

  • where can i find this file in zenfone 7 pro? I would like to see if there is any operator for volte. on rog 5 he has a vodafone

  • I dunno to be honest someone pulled this out of Rog 5's WW firmware

    So if Rog 5 really does support all those carriers then older phones will get the same soon

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    Here is from latest Zenfone 7 Pro firmware. It's inside modem image file.

    Quite a different and a lot of operators are missing compare to rog phone 5 so definitely an improvement behind the scene

  • Thanks. My operator o2 telefonica CZ does not have support. I wish it could start. Vodafone CZ is in the list.

  • I had a rog 2 for more than a year now. They have been telling the same I.e "Volte and vowifi will come soon " for more than a year. If you already bought a rog 5 then be ready to be frustrated by asus with their trash software support and updates and no response from mods. All the best guys.

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    Buy another phone. Basic entry Samsung's, LG's and Motorola's smartphones has VoLTE. ROG 2 until now don't have VoLTE here in my country.

  • so I tried the vodafone CZ sim in the list. and volte does not go.

  • Jesus I now remember why I never bought another ASUS phone after my first ROG phone...

    How can VoWifi and VoLTE still not be a standard delivery on release... in 2021..

    This one is on me, I thought with the Rog Phone 5 they learned at least.

    Back to Oneplus I guess...

  • So.. I ain't the only one with the issue.

  • Yup it's a joke, no volte here in UK either

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    phones coming to Israel hoping to have volte vowifi

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