Before you think of upgrading to Rog5

Honestly there are so many weird topics here surrounding the Rog5 being superior and people acting like it's some next evolution.

Guys let me clear some things up for you:

The screen is the same.

the speaker are basicially the same,.

the batterilife is worse on the Rog5 due to higher TDP from the SoC.

The LED on the back, while on paper nice, is something you won't even look at.

No storage upgrade, still capped at 512GB.

Phone will throttle if used over time without aero cooler.

Camera the same.

Audio quality hasn't been improved noticably at all on headphones, for some reason people first now got the memo that the Rog Phones in general have a high quality built in dac.

Overall if you already have a Rog3, there is literally no compelling reason for you to purchase the Rog5, if you have an older Rog phone 1 then you can easily consider it, but upgrading from Rog3 is just silly, even Rog2 I'd still call it a stretch to call it an "upgrade". So please don't be swayed by random reviewers acting like it's some next evolutionary thing.



  • OgghyOgghy Level 2

    Hey, at least there's no black crush and weird tint as i saw a reviewer in my country. And more powerhouse with literally the same price. Sadly theystill not announced the official release date tho in here. Lucky for peeps in europe, taiwan and india that already has an official date. Damn.

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    You are completely right but I mean, it's normal, you can't expect many changes with just 7 months difference, Rog 3 users will never change.

    Only improvement is the SoC, but Rog 3 can run every game at max settigs already.

    The only hope is that by doing a new phone with android 11 they found a solution to black crush

    Notice that Rog 3 Strix is 8/256, this one is 8/128 ahah

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    It's actually an samsung screen this time and they acknowledged black crush and said they have specific calibrations for that,300hz touch sampling rate

    I think the speaker is better it has newer amplifiers and is like 20% bigger I think

    And has an high end ESS dac

    Plus 65 W charging

    That secondary display is on the pro/ultimate models and they're pretty costly so won't be considering em here

    The air triggers technology has improved too (with two additional triggers on pro/ultimate)

    There are a lot of subtle changes to be honest including haptics

    I don't how much it's better compared to a rog 3 but it's true that a one gen upgrade isn't that worth it maybe if you want the jack compulsorily that's another thing

    But there are a lot of subtle changes in the phone to be honest

    Software wise there are many nifty improvements too including live wallpapers

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    Yes that's possible,only the software things though the additional air triggers options/features in rog 5 is probably hardware based

  • It is possible that me get more motion gestures as they are mostly gyroscope based and rog 3 have very good gyro💁

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    Let's see if they add it then I kind of doubt it as it seems like an hardware feature

  • Performance wise it WILL be better,along with the improvements

    But yes,for people who own a rog 3,there is no reason to upgrade yet

  • gugulgugul Level 2

    I just hope at this point if they could calibrate the display to eliminate the black crush with Android 11, that will be the biggest change for me. I'm just hopeful though seems like an arduous task.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the panel that's used in ROG 3 is not built by samsung which is why they were unable to solve the black crush issue completely. That's why they switched to a better standard display made by samsung to solve that issue.

  • I agree, I think those who got rog 1/2 or people who doesn't have the rog at all should consider it.

    I myself got the rog 3 not long ago, with the konai 3 + aero point to make all this changes.

  • - Rog 3 display is also a samsung AMOLED display

    - Speaker seem the same, over time the speaker of the Rog3 have gotten better as well. As for your 20% bigger amp statement, that doesn't even make any sense.

    - ESS DAC being pretty much the same quality as the DAC used before.

    - 65W charging shouldnt be used as it ruins the battery, hence slow charging is a thing and I would recommend using slow charge for everyone

    - Air triggers arent being used by the majority of people, they are just to unreliable, there are 3rd party claw triggers that are in every way superior

    - haptics don't matter as pretty much everyone is going to have a cover on their phone

    - Nobody cares about software as this is easily achievable with 3rd party apps.

    Seriously, instead of eating the marketing up, think a little and ask yourself if they aren't just sweettalking a lot.

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    ~ Hey starting off I highly doubt that rog 3 has an samsung display if it did wouldn't Asus and other tech sites list it in their specsheet,the vendor of the display wasn't mentioned anywhere not even in the launch event. If it was really an samsung panel Asus would've advertised the name more like they did with Rog 5 yesterday and Zenfone 7 pro last year (that has an 90hz samsung displays)

    Rog 5 has DC dimming too (same with Zenfone 7) which I believe is only found in samsung phones?

    ~ The speaker seems to have new amplifiers and about the loudness thing someone mentioned it an YouTube video I believe it was MeWhosTheBoss's review

    ~ I dunno but afaik phones traditionally have the integrated Snapdragon dacs ESS is actually an high end dac manufacturer (LG had the same dacs) and the fact that none of the other OEMs have an headphone jack let alone an high end one I think this is a positive then there's further optimisation for dac by dirac for different use cases imo

    Plus doesn't rog 3 and mostly every 2020 phone that didn't have an headphone jack not support some headphones with the in box adaptor and you actually need to buy one with and dedicated dac

    I think some audiophiles would prefer this whole audio thing

    Audiowizard is pretty much the same though

    ~ Nah it's actually 2 3000 mah batteries and considering by past phones with 65W battery and 4.5k mah battery I don't think there's any considerable degradation

    65 W with 6k mah is a sweet combination (I mean some manufacturers are supposedly adding support beyond that like 120W etc) but iirc 30W adaptor is supported too so one can use that if you worry that much

    Apart from that for overnight charging and all you have tons of battery care features like rog 3 scheduled charging,slow charging, battery limit so Asus has you covered here

    ~ Um I'd say that for those who use them it does matter and air triggers is like an gaming add on if you don't use it then okay if use it then great it just got better :)

    ~ Haptic is an essential thing for many though once you experience a good haptics phone it's hard to adjust to an inferior one,haptics while gaming, scrolling through the ui just adds up to the overall experience imo.Plus rog 5 did add certain optimised haptics to certain in game functions

    ~ Um not really the stuff armory crate and Asus in house software can do hardly any other can do

    If you're rooted then things chnages but still the things you get on Asus stock (unrooted) is pretty good you don't have to mess yourself.But I believe many software features should make its way to the rog 3 soon maybe with its android 11 update

  • I also think @Averan is right about screen , rog 3 doesn't have samsung screen as they didn't advertised it likr zenfone 7 and rog 5

    And lets agree on one thing, if you want good quality display you always go to Samsung 😂

  • From an internal hardware perspective the improvement is not as exciting as the improvement from the ROG2 to the ROG3.;

    - UFS 3.0 to UFS 3.1 (UFS 3.1 capped at 512gb)

    - 12gb RAM to 16gb RAM

    - Snapdragon 855+ to 865+ (was expecting the ROG 5 to use a Snapdragon 888+ variant)

    - additional macro lens

    Though not all internal hardware are fully utilised by the end user (like the 16gb RAM) but was kinda expecting a bit more 'wow' hardware wise. Visually it does look good with the new RGB and additional panel strip but i'm somewhat more appreciative of the subdued gamer look on the ROG 3. It just does not scream as much attention which blends well with my other devices (am not being biased, just a preference). Also strange that they changed the side port, rendering most of the previous gen accessories useless. Even the Kunai 3 needs a new bumper

  • I don't think camera was an priority for them hence the exact same setup by the way there's an new wide angle omnivision sensor imo comapared to Rog 3 but rest two sensors are same

    Algorithm wise maybe there are a few improvements

    And they have so much stuff in there did they really have the space for an bigger sensor?even a telephoto requires much larger space or the new imx sensor

    The design looks cool tho to be honest especially the white color

    But I believe value for money wise Rog 5 base variant 8/128 offers the best value for 800€/50k inr

    Pro and ultimate have their positives but it's mostly due to that secondary display some inbox accesories that'll you'll get and the ram and rom variants would've been good to refresh the camera maybe add ip rating, wireless charging and QHD display to the higher en variants? But I believe that's hoping too much from a gaming phone as so many ports so ip is unlikely and Asus prioritises the RGB logo over wireless (many reviewers mention this)

    And 888 by itself heats up I don't think an oc'ed 888 is a good idea lol

    But according to reviews Rog 5 thermals seems good the cpu is centred so you can't feel much heat on your fingers where you hold the phone and the fans can directly cool the cpu.

    Plus I believe there are some thermal related improvements too we'll know more about teardowns by Jerry rig probably :)

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4
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    Also no ip rating though😬😬

    Edit- you mentioned it , i skipped to read that line by mistake , sorry

  • better performance

    better screen

    better speaker

    headphone jack

    Not worth the upgrade if you have rog phone 3 because when it comes to gaming phones you want the best performance and right now we don't need that much performance, rog phone 2 can handle all games with no lag

  • Why are you even talking at this point?

    It has a samsung display, the reason they didn't mention was probably because they thought it was obvious by now that almost all flagships that exist have samsung panels. I already asked two resellers which both confirmed that the rog3 panels are indeed samsung panels, this is also in line with the fact that the specs are the same with the Rog5 as well, same responsetime, touch sampling rate, Color coverage and brightness.

    DC dimming is not only found on samsung phones, you clearly don't even know what DC dimming is, hell DC dimming was making the black crush on OP 8 phones much much worse. Not to mention Rog3 has DC dimming on by default. The rog 3 has a flicker Reduced certification which means obviously it supports DC dimming and has it on.

    Speakers are pretty much the same as in the Rog3, as already mentioned on release the Rog3 was quieter than the Rog2 and some people got annoyed by it, I believe with patch .7x or .9x it speakers got louder and the bass won't be as out of control anymore.

    They don't have a headphone jack because it's not really all that common anymore. Most people I know use wireless heaphones. Also personally I don't really care about the heaphone jack as the typeC to 3.5mm adapter makes my cable 10cm longer, that's it, other than that it makes literally no difference. And as I already explained which you completely ignore, while on paper ESS DAC is higher quality, even an audiophile won't be able to notice the difference between the ESS dac and the high quality one qualcom is using, that's the same dumb dicussion about 32bit vs 24bit DAC's, it's just dumb.

    Nobody is talking about audiowizard, it's simply an audio processing software that has absolutely nothing to do with sound quality.

    Yes there is considerable degradation, just because you're ignorant about electronics doesn't mean you can claim whatever you want. Even if the batteries are split, charging at 65Watts will warm both batteries and ruin them over time. Also yes, you can still slow charge, but if thats what you do anyways, having a 65W charging speed is pointless to begin with.

    Air triggers have always and are unreliable, nobody is going to use them all the time unless they are extremely casual and don't care, meaning your argument about supposedly improved air triggers is again just bad.

    Overall you have demonstrated extremely poor knowledge on hardware and should from now on simply avoid any discussions about it as all you do is talking nonsense. Just face the fact that you fell for the marketing and don't want to realize that the Rog5 is pretty much the Rog3 with a new snapdragon and slight changes.

  • Currently worse performance due to terrible drivers on the adreno 660, perfecly shown on the lag fiesta on Genshin impact in particular.

    Same screen, only difference this time around they have the pixelworks visial processor instead of the software solution, which still seems to cause black crush.

    Speakers still the same.

    Headphone jack you got right, that being said most won't even care all that much.

  • I agree with you.

    But what should Asus do, they have nothing new they can add. That's why this year they focus so much on improving things and changing the design and extra buttons.

    It's better than adding dump things to the phone that will make the price higher.

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