Kunai 3 Right Controller not working after failed firmware update

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Kunai 3
  2. Left Controller Version: V3.3.3
  3. Right Controller Version: Vff.ff.ff
  4. Bluetooth Version : V3.0.8
  5. Rooted or not: not
  6. Frequency of Occurrence: all the time

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


There was a prompt to update, but it failed, after that the right controller on my kunai 3 doesnt work anymore.

I saw another thread about this that has been solved.

From what i get, they have updated their firmware.

I've been trying to search in threads, youtube and on the web on how to update the firmware, but cant find it any where.

Please help.

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi there ,

    I once faced similar problem with my cooler fan but it didn't effected anything .

    For this issue i would suggest you to visit service center near you also you can hear from mods too they will guide you more better .

  • Any admin can help on this. Much appreciated

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    Need help here guys @Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS .

  • i’ve been searching on faq, manual, youtube, google, but still cant find any asnwer

  • @lan61t I'm sending you a PM with a couple of follow-up questions about your device. Check your inbox!

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    this afternoon i went to asus service center in jakarta

    they cant find a quick way to update / troubleshoot the problem.

    they told me to leave rog3+kunai3 at the service center,

    when i asked them why do i need to leave the rog3 when the one not working is the kunai,

    they suggested me to contact the store, in order for the store to send a replacement.

    i think this is a very embarrassing situation, where the problem started from firmware update, and ended with the consumer have to go back to the store to get a replacement

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    updated : just contacted the seller, and they told me to go back to Asus Service Center for a warranty claim and to exchange for a new one, because mine supposed to be still under warranty.

    the seller complaint about the statement where they told me to go back to the store for a replacement.

    What is the purpose of a service center if the customer have to go back to the store for a warranty replacement.

    Something doesnt feel right.

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    The seller give us an address where of another service center, we went there, but they said they cant repair Kunai3, and give us the 3rd Asus service center.

    At the 3rd Asus Service Center, they said they cant repair or accept warranty, and give us another address turn out to be a WAREHOUSE of the Importir / Distributor for Asus product.

    Amazing how such a simple procedure of updating a firmware can be this troublesome.

    I googled on the web regarding this so called distrobutor / importer, and they gave me the steps of the warranty claim, that i have to emailed them the serial number + proof of purchase, then will determine whether the product is from them and whether i'm entitled for a warranty claim. how long the process? no one knows.

    The seller is trying to speak up with the distributor as well regarding this.

    This might be the last time i will purcahse Asus product.

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    Update : March 12th 2021

    After i sent the serial number and purchase receipt to distributor via email, they told me to contact back to seller, so they can coordinate with the distributor.

    I told them that the seller respond was only to return to service center.

    Distributor told me to contact Asus Service Center.

    So i contacted them again.

    The service center respond was super amazing.

    I purchased the product on Dec 13th 2020, but it's already out of warranty, on Feb 8th 2021. the warranty for accessories is only valid for 3 months.

    For accessories already out of warranty, Asus Service Center cant repair it, I have to communicate and find a way with Asus Service Center to find a repair solution.

    So back to beginning again, where i have to go to Asus Service Center, where they cant repair it.

    I dont need a new Kunai 3, i just want to find a way to be able to use it again. Or if they said they cant repair it and i have to throw it away, they can just make that statement, and i will throw it away.

  • I have the same problem the right control vff.ff.ff stops working and I don't know what to do, someone knows some solution I live in Canada and I bought it through Aliexpress I'm very sad

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    I wonder if anyone had this problem and managed to fix it, or they just forget about it throw it away.

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    Someone said that try to connect kunai3 with the rog3 using usb c cable, and it will tell you to update the firmware.

    I've tried it, and didnt work on mine, but you can give it a go. Or try to conctact Asus Canada and ask for their guidance, where to send the broken kunai3.

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    Update :

    I contacted the Distributor / Importer refer by the 2nd Asus Service Center, and they were really helpful.

    Turn out the product is not from them, but from another Distributor of Asus. Contacted them, but there's nothing they can do, because I didnt buy if from their store.

    Luckily the 1st distributor was kind enough to coordinate with Asus Indonesia regarding this issue.

    While waiting, i went to Asus Indonesia, I demanded for them to send me to the correct Asus Service Center. After coordinating with the service manager, and confirmed by them, I have to go back to the 1st Asus Service Center that told me to send to contacted the seller. I had this recorded so they wont send me away again.

    Today the 1st Distributor told me, that Asus Indonesia instructed the 1st Asus Center that I went to accept and received Kunai 3 for repair.

    When i went there, the Customer Service apologize for suggesting me to contact to the seller for a damage Kunai 3.

    So now the waiting begin whether they can fix it or not.

    By looking at this, this is clearly lack of education and standard operating procedure how from

    • Asus Indonesia
    • Asus Service Center Indonesia
    • Asus Call Center Indonesia
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    Update :

    Good news today from Asus Service Center.

    They will replace my kunai3 with a new one, as they cant repair and, and it's their policy to replace it with a new one.

    That's a good news, hopefully the new one wont have another problem like a current one.

    Appreciate this good gesture from Asus Indonesia

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    Update :

    I would like to say thanks to Asus Indonesia, Asus Service Center Indonesia, and all the nice people at SMI as Asus Distributor in Indonesia.

    They cant repair the Kunai3, so they have replaced it with a new Kunai3.

    I'm still very afraid to update the firmware, as i dont want to have the same problem.

    So please keep this threat open until there's a solution or a way to update Kunai3

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    Update :

    Asus finally do got on their service.

    They cant repair the problem with the failed firmware update, so they replace me with the new Kunai 3.

    My problem has been solved, but please keep this forum alive, because we dont know whether this failed firmware update will persist in the future.

    Now i'm avoiding to update the Kunai3 firmware to avoid the same problem.

    Thank you Asus Indonesia, Thank you Asus Service Center Indonesia, and Thank you to all the nice people at SMI - Asus Distributor in Indonesia.

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