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Hi asus, I would like to know if there are anymore updates for us 5z users. Because there are still problems like battery drain, heating problems and so on.

And also is android 11 or zen ui 7 comming to 5z. I am just curious about it. Because I just bought this a year ago and I still like this device, that's why.

It would be great if we atleast get zen ui 7 instead of android 11.



  • Yes, there is january security patch incoming after feb-16th battery drain is due to battery aging & health so changing battery at service centre may help to gain good backup, there is no heating problem at regular usage and heavy games or task may get device bit warmer no need to worry! also regarding Zenui 7/Android 11 both are still under evaluation for 5z.


  • Actually I bought this phone just a year ago 2019 November and battery starts to slow down

  • Battery life was really good with Android 9 but after the update of Android 10 it's just not that good that i noticed.

  • Battery health totally depends on personal user usage patterns and battery's lifecycle if you are noticing battery drain alot with Android 10 than its not software to blame on but its a battery aging problem.

    I can confirm you that because 2 days ago i have replaced my battery and now i am getting almost a 7 hrs to 6.30 hr SOT with latest Android 10 version i. E. . 110 you must see this 👇

    I think if you are really not very satisfied with your backup even after factory reset than time has come to get your battery replaced for better SOT here there is nothing wrong with software to blame on.


  • Before Replace Your Battery How Much SOT You Got ? , Before And After How Much Time To Take Full Charge And After Reached 100% Charger Immediately 2% Drop This Also Refer Before And After Battery Replace .. Share Your Details Bro @AmitGarde .. I Got Only 2.5H SOT...

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    I always use to get 4hr-4.30hrs SOT and now after new battery replacement i am getting 6.30hrs-7hrs SOT (for very normal use)

    yes 2% drop as soon as removed from charge was seen by me with my old battery (this is beacuse of battery aging) and now after replacement i dont see such 2% drop everything is good for me.

    Before with old battery my phone use to charge in 45 min 100% but after new battery replacement charging time is increased it takes almost 2 hrs nearly and this is understoond because of good battery health.

    Let me tell you without factory reset there was a time i use to see same less like 2.5hrs SOT on. 99 version than i gave a try with factory reset and guess what my SOT changed from 2hrs to 4.30hrs sometime even it got 5hrs 30 min as well depending upon my usage.

    I hope this will help you @JACKSPARROW


  • amitgarde you mislead people.

    Because even if the green led lights up, the battery is not fully charged. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery. These have been mentioned before here. About 2 months old on my battery. But I cannot see the 6 or 7 hour periods you say. I should also say that. I do not have any programs installed on my device, except for the programs available to everyone, such as WhatsApp Facebook. And I am not playing games on my device. I just do my normal daily work. Therefore, I am one of many users who think that the last few updates have increased battery consumption.

  • I have shared my SOT here👇 this clearly shows 6hrs 43 min SOT than what is misleading here?

    And yes i was sort of wrong with full battery charge time i guess and i will recorrect it after analysing i have just charged my phone from 0-100% only once since i changed my battery.

  • I think you should take your device to nearest service centre if you are not satisfied by your backup. For checking up with battery health or device examinations.

  • my device battery changed 2 months ago.

    And this is the battery case I got in one of the previous versions.

    And now I ask amitgarde. Will you still say the software is ok?

    There is a software problem in battery consumption. Here is the proof. So please stop misleading people to change batteries for nothing amitgarde.

  • The 7 hours and 40 minutes information in the previous picture is a much better value than your new battery. Moreover, with my old battery and zenfone 5z software about 8-9 months ago.

  • Despite all this, it is still easy to replace the battery. But what should happen is that Asus resolves this battery drain software. In this case, who can say that I am speaking unfairly?

  • Yes 7hrs 40 min SOT is really great with your old battery and also battery SOT are not always very accurate as it is android you should not 100% believe it. Also there are various factors to be considered for battery drains like how you use your phone what apps did you use its not that always you get 7 hrs 40min SOT from 100-1% it varies with ambient temperatures, networks fluctuations and background apps & data running background scannings etc etc....... (long story) and also its not always the same apps you use so totally depends on when & what apps we use and very importantly health of the battery.

    Devs have made various comparisions with earlier versions of A10 with a healthy battery on number of 5z at a time and they dont see any huge diffrence with every 5z so according to them there is nothing wrong with software also let me tell you i have discussed this battery issue since months now you can say almost 8-9 months shared many logs and answer for every log was "we dont see any bug ar battery drain issues" and please dont forget to note good SOT we get for a single time is not always same so i say Android SOT are not that accurate to believe 100%.

  • 7 hours 40 minutes with old battery and 5 hours with new battery. Do you think there is a serious problem in this regard?

    I think it is not normal for you to try to tell us that it is normal to get around 5 hours of screen usage.

  • The value of 7 hours and 40 minutes is not something that happened just once. I have seen these values ​​many times.

    But now it seems misleading to me that you share the 5-hour values ​​as normal.

    It is about 7 hours and 40 minutes with the old battery and around 5 hours with the new battery. If there is any mistake, please correct it. If this topic is not software, then what is it?

  • Do one thing please do you know what android version it was( also please dont forget to share that here) ? if yes, than the only way to compare is revert/downgrade back to same version again and than please check again if you get same SOT with that same version with your replaced battery if yes than it is software to blame on but please free to share some screenshots of battery page after downgrading i will definetly try to raise this if there is real diffrence and that should help us all.


  • Unfortunately I do not know which version. However, if it will be useful, I think the date I took the screenshot is 15.08.2020, I think it is necessary to find the android version on these dates.

  • The date you mentioned clears that it was August month and 5z got its latest version. 92 in july and next update was directly came in september for 5z so i guess it was july Firmware version. 92 and yes change log mentiones that misjudgement of battery was fixed with 92 see this 👇

    So now as android version is clear to all of us now please try above steps to find real culprit.

    Downgrade to. 92 version>check SOT>share screenshots of battery page as proof here.

    Then later i will carry forward from there.


  • We cannot go directly to version 92 from the current version. It does not give a warning and install the old version. Is there any other method?

  • You have to downgrade to A9 (pie) and from there you can update again to A10 ( 92 version) this is the only method.


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