Slow charging of asus 5z

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Hello team asus I have recently bought brand new original asus 5z charger from the authorised service center with original cable but fast charging is not working in my phone I was proud that I own asus phone but now it is getting bad. is really bad very disappointing very extremely slow charging please asus team if you are here and seeing this complaint please please I am saying please solve it please it is very annoying please


  • As of now on latest firmware .110 my 5z does not have any problem with fast charging so i can assure that its not software problem.

    If your charger is brand new and your device is not able to fast charge than this seems like hardware problem

    Try to check if fast charging works normally in SIMMI test

    Open calculator press> .12345+= > single test > usb charging test see if works ifnot than definetly its hardware problem with your device which can be fixed only via service center.

    Note:- please don't forget to backup your important data before you submit your device to nearest service centre


  • I got same problem when I've wrapped my cable while travelling. After a week it stopped charging fast as before. But after that, I bought new cable of ASUS. The issue was resolved.

    Sometime it may be issue of the adapter, so please check by using alternative cables and alternative cables. If issue still not resolving then you should visit the service center.

  • Clean your charging port

    I had the same issue a while ago but cleaning the port with a toothpick worked for me

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