Is it a Security issue if you log in the mini Browser from Game Genie?? Because...

Helo ;PuweYHelo ;PuweY Level 2
edited March 2021 in ROG Phone 3

..i was forced to contact Google to remove my 2 Step Verification, I couldn't Log in my Google account anymore after logging in in Game Genie's own Browser. Also Phone Notifications didn't appear on my phone anymore.

After contacting Google, today they reset my 2 Step Google Verification and after checking if anything is different...I saw that my Game Genie was removed from this Google Account.

I can't recommend anybody to log into Game Genies Browser who has a 2 Step Google Verification to avoid this issue. Maybe it's something to check for Asus?

Anyone else here with experience with Game Genie's own little Game Browser???

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